Film opening synopsis

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Film opening synopsis by Mind Map: Film opening synopsis

1. Plot

1.1. Production Company logo

1.2. The alley way: both of the characters (Aurean and Skye) go to the garages to meet up with the dealer (Guilio) to make the deal

1.3. The meet up: Everyone meets up and introduces them selves before they take the dealer to the place to make the deal

1.4. The walk to the garages: They all walk to the garages so that they are not seen by other people

1.5. The deal: The two male character exchange words and the dealer is trying to convince the person to make the deal but he does not accept

1.6. The fight: Two of the male characters argue and get into a little push and shove

1.7. The run: the male and the female characters run because the dealer was trying to sell them what the male did not want

1.8. The call: The dealer calls his boss

1.9. The walk: The dealer walks off back to the office

2. Characters

2.1. The opening shows that the characters at the start are a couple because of how close they are walking together, but it also shows how annoyed the female character is with the male because he is taking forever.

3. Setting

3.1. Alley way

3.1.1. The alley was will represent the characters walking to the location. This will get the audience wondering where they are going because it seems like they are just walking beside house which might seem that they are just walking back to their home.

3.2. Garages

3.2.1. the garages give a casual effect to the audience because they might be meeting to show them a car in the garage or just a helping hand, but they are going to make a deal. this will tell the audience that something is not right.

4. Conventions

4.1. Good vs evil -Characters-

4.1.1. Most action movies have a good guy and a bad guy, I am also trying to incorporate this to my movie by having the dealer (Guilio) as the bad guy and the other male character (Aurean) and the female character (Skye) as the good people. I think by having this in my film, this will encourage the audience to watch more because they would want to know who survives and who dies.

4.2. Themes

4.2.1. Suspension Argument Thrill Confusion

4.3. The opening is full of confusion and argument to make the audience wonder and be in confusion. The themes are based on reality which is happening in everyday life like dealing and gang wars.

5. Diegesis

5.1. Diegetic sound

5.1.1. There will be sound from the characters of when they are walking and when the bag drops. I think this will make it more realistic since if i had non-diegetic sound for the bag dropping and the foot steps on snow it would sound less real and more fake.

5.2. non-diegetic sound

5.2.1. There will be background music which will be an instrumental of a hip hop song to make it sound more action like which will set the mood and give a different atmosphere if there was no music.

6. Editing

6.1. Fast pace editing

6.1.1. By using fast pace in my editing when the characters are arguing it gives the audience an action affect so that they can see the characters struggle as if they are part of the action.

6.2. Medium Pace editing

6.2.1. I am going to use medium pace editing to make the conversation seem to be engaging because if the editing was slow then it would be more of a romantic movie.

7. Mise en scene

7.1. Mobile phone

7.1.1. The mobile phone adds more realistic effect because it shows the dealer calling his boss to tell him that something went wrong. This gives suspense to the audience because they do not hear what he is saying during the call.

7.2. Bag

7.2.1. The bags adds a mysterious effect to the film because no one knows whats inside the bag and they do not know why he cant accept it. This shows that the character is confused and angry because he does not want to accept the deal and this leaves the audience also confused because they do not know why.

7.3. Costume

7.3.1. Male character Dark clothing - Black jacket and dark blue top. Dark jeans and shoes. This shows the casualness of the character because they did not want to look flashy or stand out to the rest of the people in the scene this meant that they were trying to blend in with other people. The dark clothing can represent different types of things for example in this movie it represents his casual side which he just put any random non flashy colours. On the other hand the dealer is also wearing dark clothing, this can mean that he is trying to blend in with other characters or it can represent danger.

7.3.2. Female character Dark clothing - Black Jacket, black leggins and black shoes The girl wearing black shows that she also does not want to be spotted by the public by shinning with bright colours, this shows us that she wants to look like she is part of the males characters.

8. Cinematography

8.1. Camera Angles

8.1.1. I am going to use mainly medium over the shoulder shots to show the characters talking and so that the audience can also see their emotions and the location.

8.2. Camera Shots

8.2.1. I am going to different types of shots, but mostly shots that show the actors faces and body language. Shots that i am going to use are like medium shots, over the shoulder shots, long shots, close ups and zoom. I am going to try and use more medium shots so that the audience can see the location that the characters are in and their facial expressions when they are talking.

8.3. Camera movement:

8.3.1. I will be using zoom in the ending to make a more dramatic ending by zooming into the sky. Also i am going to follow the characters at the beginning to show how the characters are moving so the audience can see how the characters body language is.

8.4. Lighting

8.4.1. I am going to be filming in the day time preferably during the morning to evening so that if i have to record more than two days then the lighting can be nearly the same.