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Anna's English by Mind Map: Anna's English

1. Igeidők

1.1. I do

1.1.1. What do you do?

1.1.2. I read books.

1.1.3. Anna plays basketball.

1.1.4. My friends never play tennis.

1.1.5. I never plant trees.

1.1.6. I usually go to school by car.

1.1.7. I often go to the cinema.

1.1.8. I always get up at 6 o'clock.

1.1.9. I sometimes do the shopping.

1.2. I am doing

1.2.1. What are you doing now?

1.2.2. I'm thinking.

1.2.3. A girl is walking in the park.

1.2.4. The dog is sitting.

1.2.5. We are going to school.

1.3. I was doing

1.3.1. What were you doing at midnight?

1.3.2. I was sleeping.

1.3.3. My mom was cooking at 12 o'clock

1.3.4. We were doing our homework.

1.3.5. I was watching TV at 10 o'clock.

1.4. I did

1.4.1. What did you do?

1.4.2. I drew a picture.

1.4.3. Peter bought a book.

1.4.4. The postman rang.

1.4.5. Today, I went to school by bus.

1.5. I will do

1.5.1. What will you do?

1.5.2. (I am thirsty.) I will drink a glass of water.

1.5.3. (Peter is bored.) He will go cycling.

1.5.4. (We are hungry.) We will go to McDonald's.

1.5.5. (I am sleepy.) I will go to sleep.

1.6. I will be doing

1.6.1. What will you be doing?

1.6.2. I will be sleeping at midnight.

1.6.3. Peter will be swimming at 10 o'clock.

1.6.4. Tomorrow at noon, my family and I will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

1.6.5. I will be walking in the park at five o'clock.

1.7. I have done

1.7.1. What have you done?

1.7.2. I have drawn a picture.

1.7.3. Peter has bought a book.

1.7.4. The postman has rung.

1.7.5. I have drunk a glass of water.

1.8. I used to do

1.8.1. I used to write books. (But today I don't write books.)

1.8.2. I used to draw a lot.

2. Az igék három alajka

2.1. v1

2.1.1. cut go

2.2. v2

2.2.1. cut went

2.3. v3

2.3.1. cut gone

3. Feltételes mondatok

3.1. 0 conditional

3.1.1. IF I do, I do. If it is raining, the plants are being watered.

3.2. 1st conditional

3.2.1. IF I do, I will do. If we go to holiday, we will be a lot on the beach.

3.3. 2nd conditional

3.3.1. IF I did, I would do. If the weather was good, we would travel away.

3.4. 3rd conditional

3.4.1. IF I had done, I would have done. If Peter had worked a lot, he would have had a lot of money.

3.5. Mixed 3dn and 2rd

3.5.1. IF I had done, I would do. If Peter had worked a lot, he would have a lot of money. I you had helped me, I wouldn't be in trouble.

4. Passzív mondatok

4.1. Az aktív mondat tárgya + BE + V3

4.1.1. Megettem a kenyeret. → The bread was eaten.

4.1.2. Vettünk néhány pár zoknit. → Some pairs of socks were bought.

4.1.3. Apa látott egy piros autót. → A red car was seen (by Dad).

5. Imperative

5.1. Please, give me a pen.

5.2. Let's go to the park.

5.3. Stop here.