Is your body and mind prepared for sleep?

Venture Labs Creativity Assignment "Challenge Assumptions 2". Brainstorm 100 creative ideas to our question about Sleep. Team "San Jose Creative Peeps 2"

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Is your body and mind prepared for sleep? by Mind Map: Is your body and mind prepared for sleep?

1. During the day

1.1. Stay Hydrated

1.2. Spend time in the sun

1.3. Train pets not to scratch at bedroom door

1.4. Take herbal remedies to reduce heat flashes

1.5. Stop dancing 2 hours before bedtime

1.6. Don't over commit! Realistic time commitments

1.7. "Good time management - prioritize, say no, etc"

1.8. Workout during the day

1.9. Wash sheets often

2. electronics

2.1. Turn off the computer

2.2. Don't watch tv within 1 hour of bedtime

2.3. Remove cell phone from room

2.4. Turn off all electronics 1 hour before bedtime

2.5. Do not use illuminated devices 1 hour before bed

3. Environment/ambiance

3.1. Get Black out shades

3.2. Make sure no lights in bedroom from electronics/chargers

3.3. "Darken room for sleeping - close blinds,etc"

3.4. Keep humidity in bedroom at an appropriate level for sleep

3.5. Keep bedroom at cool temperature for sleeping

3.6. Get fresh air in bedroom

3.7. Clean your bedroom environment!

3.8. Use a sound machine to block noises and signal sleep

3.9. Listen to calm music or nature sounds

3.10. Lavender in your pillowcase (aromatherapy)

4. Food/drink/medicine

4.1. Take ZzzQuil (NyQuil without cold medicine)

4.2. 5HTP (sleep aide)

4.3. Take melatonin to regulate sleep

4.4. Eat turkey (Tryptophan)

4.5. Don't drink liquid 1 hour before bedtime

4.6. Eat dinner so you are not hungry

4.7. Drink a glass of wine

4.8. Drink herbal tea

4.9. No caffeine close to bedtime

4.10. Drink warm milk

4.11. Finish eating 3 hours before bedtime so digestion is done

5. Mental (before bed)

5.1. Boundaries - leave work at work

5.2. Tell bedtime stories

5.3. Address problems or conflicts with people (don't go to bed angry)

5.4. End evening with quiet conversation with friends

5.5. Meditation (get your mind off stresses)

5.6. Mindfulness (pay attention to sleep prep tasks)

5.7. Read calming (boring?) book before bed to clear and ease mind

5.8. Write "sleep" on a piece of paper

6. Mental (in bed)

6.1. Use meditation and/or prayer to ease mind of worries

6.2. Trace letters of alphabet backwards to fall asleep

6.3. Count to 1000 (you'll fall asleep before you finish)

6.4. "Visualization - imagine yourself relaxing somewhere else (beach, cabin, etc)"

6.5. Focus on deep breathing

7. Physical

7.1. Take a walk to clear your mind

7.2. Consciously relax all your muscles

7.3. Accupressure

7.4. Sex

7.5. Ensure that nasal passageway is open for easier breathing.

7.6. Reflexology to release tension and prepare body for rest

7.7. Accupuncture

7.8. Yoga

7.9. Scalp massage

7.10. Foot massage

7.11. Hot shower

7.12. Take a bath

7.13. Sauna and steam room

7.14. Hot tub

7.15. "Long, deep stretching to prepare your muscles for sleep"

7.16. Massage

7.17. Yawn - release jaw tension

7.18. Laugh

8. Proactive anxiety reduction

8.1. Keep noisy animals away from your bedroom

8.2. Set multiple alarm clocks (reduce worries that you won't wake up in time)

8.3. Don't let kids sleep in your bed

8.4. Write in a journal

8.5. Set a house alarm to ease your mind at night

9. Random

9.1. "If you have a baby, breastfeed! The hormones help you sleep."

10. Strategic bedtime rituals

10.1. Create bedtime routines that tell your body and mind it is time to sleep

10.2. Don't go into the bedroom until ready for bed

10.3. Pick out clothes night before - more time to sleep

10.4. Wear pajamas or have particular clothes for bed that signal sleep

10.5. Put your to-do list on paper before you sleep to get it out of your brain

10.6. Have someone read to you

10.7. Go to bed when you are tired

10.8. "Lock the door, feed the cat = prepare"

10.9. Finish tasks early - leave time for transition

10.10. Go outside - moon/stars/nature soothes

10.11. Listen to music at the rate of your heartbeat

10.12. Bed reserved only for sleep and sex.

10.13. Switching from contact lenses to glasses - to signal change to bedtime

10.14. Listen to audiobooks (calming ones)

10.15. Go to bed at the same time every night

10.16. "Make bed precisely, so sheets and blankets line up every night"

10.17. Go to bed at same time as partner

11. Tools

11.1. Invest in a great pillow and mattress

11.2. Use pillow that supports head and neck in natural curvature

11.3. Use mattress that supports spine in natural curvature

11.4. Specialized pillows

11.5. Warm Blankets

11.6. Layers so you can adjust temperature

11.7. Ear plugs

11.8. Wear sleep mask

11.9. Speaker for under pillow for music/audiobooks

11.10. Track sleep cycles with Zeo or iPhone app

11.11. "Take a foot-warmer to bed (hot water bottle, sock of microwave-warmed rice)"

11.12. Use high thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets

11.13. "On cold nights, keep your head warm with a warm cap"