Should I Move

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Should I Move by Mind Map: Should I Move

1. Processing

1.1. How many processors do you have

1.2. How many files will they be working on each

1.3. What are your expectations of a complete file

1.4. When I turn in a file will they take it from there or am I responsible?

2. Underwriting

2.1. How many underwriters do you have?

2.2. If correspondents can we send directly to them

2.3. Underwriting turn times

2.4. Correspondents

2.4.1. Who are you approved with?

3. Assistant

3.1. Do you provide an assistant

3.2. Do you have a central order taker

3.2.1. appraisals

3.2.2. VOE

3.2.3. VOD

3.2.4. Flood

3.2.5. Print documents

3.3. Do you have to approve a new assistant?

4. Pay

4.1. 1.3% On deals they refer you

4.2. % on deals you bring in

4.3. Chance for higher % if I hit certain milestones on in house deals or deals I bring in?

4.4. When a loan closes when do I get paid?

4.5. Branch account

5. Benefits ?

6. 401k?

6.1. When can I get started with 401k

6.2. Payroll deduct pre tax?

7. How many LO's you looking to hire

8. Marketing

8.1. Do you have a problem with me doing any kind of marketing

8.2. Do you have a problem with me helping agents grow their business using single property websites? Weekly training for them?

8.3. Do you have a problem with me marketing your new home construction program using a bunch of different ideas

8.4. Marketing Team in place

9. Any Contracts or Non-compete?

10. Are you a Banker or Correspondent

10.1. Correspondent

10.1.1. How many correspondents are you approved with

10.2. Banker

10.3. Do you have help desk / scenario help desk

10.4. Do you have sufficient warehouse money to close a 1,000 homes a year if needed?

11. Expenses

11.1. Paper

11.2. Rent

11.3. Copier

11.4. Internet

12. Help for your LO's to market their business?


12.2. LOUFA

12.3. One On One

12.4. Vicki

12.5. Realtor Events

13. Your own branch Model

13.1. What does this look like

13.2. Who is responsible for all the expenses

13.3. How much per file

13.4. Who pays for the processer

13.5. Underwriting fee

13.6. Who pays for assistant

13.7. Help desk / scenario help desk

13.8. help with getting up to speed on your systems, underwriting and processing

14. Employee Model

14.1. Who pays for processor

14.2. Help Desk / scenario help desk

14.3. How much per file

15. Appraisals

15.1. In House management company

15.2. National company

15.3. Can we add our own appraisers