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1. properties of EM waves

1.1. transverse waves

1.2. does not require medium to propagate

1.3. travels at speed of light

1.4. obeys laws of reflection and refraction

1.5. obeys general equation of waves

1.5.1. c=fλ

1.5.2. c=λ/T

2. electromagnetic spectrum

2.1. X-rays 1 nm

2.2. Ultra violet Rays 0.1 micrometres

2.3. Visible Light- Red light 0.7 micrometres

2.4. Violet Light 0.4 micrometres

2.5. Infrared Radiation 0.01 mm

2.6. Microwaves-less than 10 cm usually 1cm

2.7. Radiowaves- Long, Medium and Short Waves:2km-10m

2.8. Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 10m-10cm

3. Different types of EM waves

3.1. Radio Waves

3.1.1. lowest frequency

3.1.2. longest wavelength

3.1.3. radio/broadcasting TV Radio remote control walkie talkie

3.2. Microwaves

3.2.1. radio waves

3.2.2. short wavelengths

3.2.3. uses microwave satelites radar mobile phones

3.2.4. used to transmit great quantities of info due to their high frequency

3.3. Infrared

3.3.1. mistaken as heat waves

3.3.2. configured for specific emission and reception

3.3.3. Uses remote control TV radio night vision goggles thermal imaging find diseases

3.4. visible light

3.4.1. only range of frequency able to be perceived by human eye

3.4.2. red at low frequencies

3.4.3. violet at high frequencies

3.4.4. uses lumnous objects optical fibres light photography endoscopy

3.5. Ultra violet light

3.5.1. stimulates production of melanin

3.5.2. excessive exposure can cause sunburn skin cancer catarcts

3.5.3. Uses make visible water marksfor security for insects to be able to locate nectar for pollination of flowers

3.6. X-rays

3.6.1. high frequency

3.6.2. high penetratig capability through materials

3.6.3. exposure considered hazardous

3.6.4. Uses scanners bone fracture

3.7. Gamma rays

3.7.1. highest frequency

3.7.2. most penetrating

3.7.3. highly ionizing

3.7.4. known as nuclear radiation

3.7.5. uses acts as disinfectant for surgical materials treat cancer