Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes by Mind Map: Type 2 Diabetes

1. Human Rights

1.1. Do People have a right to health care if type 2 diabetic?

1.1.1. Type 2 diabetes is self inflicted

1.1.2. Why should people pay money to support self inflicted Diabetes?

1.2. Is there a positive right to stay healthy?

1.2.1. Duty to be educated on health

1.3. Is there a negative right to have protection from bad food?

1.3.1. Government could enforce stricter health codes

1.4. Socio-economic rights

1.4.1. Right to a good nutrition part of preventing diabetes type 2?

2. Hot Flat and Crowded

2.1. Everyone becoming egalitarian

2.1.1. Many people have the ability to buy very cheap food Cheap food may be low quality and harmful to health and cause Diabetes

2.2. Hot world due to emissions and cows

2.2.1. Massive CO2 levels emerging Due to laziness to find alternatives Need alternative fuel

2.3. Crowded world emerging

2.3.1. An imbalance of supply and demand is imminent with demand surpassing supply greatly More people means goods need to be produced on a larger scale Quantity over quality

3. Economy

3.1. Cheaper is better

3.1.1. Quality over quantity make as much as possible Poor food quality means higher risk of diabetes type 2

3.1.2. No concentration on other aspects of production Does not matter if production of food is low quality

3.2. Globalization of Goods

3.2.1. More exports and imports of foreign markets to meet demand More demand means more quantity over quality

4. Environment

4.1. Tragedy of the Commons

4.1.1. Cows in a pasture actually are cows in a pasture that are used to be eaten through hamburgers Nobody sees a shortage in cows, therefore kill as many as possible Lower quality meat and lower quality food results in higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes

4.2. Poor quality of meat due to hormones etc

4.2.1. Other countries will not import our meat bad for

5. Culture

5.1. McWorld

5.1.1. World of consumers may consume bad things

5.2. People ignoring poor quality of food

5.2.1. Way of life

5.2.2. Want the middle class table Middle class table not always as good

5.3. NGO's

5.3.1. Can help educate and act to make a difference in health codes and such

5.3.2. Help opening up eyes to health care

5.4. Wade Davis

5.4.1. Ethnosphere eroding Care more about environment than preserving traditional culture Better to live by Jihad than Mcworld consumer with Diabetes