Sidecar Global Catering

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Sidecar Global Catering by Mind Map: Sidecar Global Catering

1. Issues

1.1. Things we don't do

1.2. Misc problems

1.3. Things to Add



3.1. PRODUCTS and STANDARDS - the product we sell, how we create it, deliver it, execute it, what we want to sell and do

3.1.1. Product Development Test Items First Sample New Items Survey small group before launching menu Feedback from potential guests Track comments and surveys

3.1.2. Product Delivery consistency presentation standards core features of our products

3.1.3. Product Improvement How often do we revise and review items Can we make changes more often than one year

3.1.4. Service Standards What are our standout standards

3.1.5. Who are We? What is our mission statement?

3.1.6. Standards and Procedures for Product What is our brand promise? What do we assure our guests every time they trust us with event?

3.1.7. Event Guidelines - Visible to Client

3.1.8. Sister Companies and Preferred Vendors Standards What companies will we choose to align ourselves with and vice versa

3.1.9. BARCELONA - Uphold their standards and not risk their reputation



4.1.1. Market Analysis Sidecar Current Marketing Competitor Analysis Competition Services Pricing Analysis

4.1.2. Customer Attraction Advertising Word of Mouth Branding Logos Design Presentation Website Links Barcelona Preferred Vendors Concepts Value Presentation Taste Unique Diversity Social Involvment Environment Quality Sample Drops

4.1.3. Customer Retention Special Discounts Contact Database Upkeep Event Notes Contact Clients to get feedback Address any issues with client Follow Through

4.1.4. Customer Conversion Incentives to try Sidecar Highlight differences in companies

4.2. Sales

4.2.1. Strategies

4.2.2. Contact List

4.2.3. Directory

4.2.4. Database

4.2.5. Procedures

4.2.6. Sample Calls

4.2.7. Discounts

4.2.8. Authority to make changes?

4.2.9. Follow Up



5.2. IDEAS


5.4. Areas of Interest


6.1. OPERATIONS- how we run the business to support the link between the product and customer

6.1.1. Events Opening Checklist Packing Checklist Procedures and Guidlines Venue Checklist Timeline Client Interaction Uniforms Closing Checklist

6.1.2. Operation Guidelines - invisible to client Daily Operations Meetings Booking Procedures Inquiry Prospective Proposal Contract BEO Invoice Closing Event Client Feeback Operation Manual Current Operations Deadlines

6.1.3. Vendors Value Can we do it in house for cheaper Pricing Comparison

6.1.4. HR Current Employees / Titles Salaried Managers Hourly Scheduling Job Descriptions Departments Kitchen Administrative Operations Marketing

6.1.5. Caterease

6.1.6. Forms Contracts Thank you Inquiry Proposal BEO Checklist Equipment Lists

6.1.7. Finance Product Comparison Vendor Research and Comparison Guidelines Value computation for marketing Accounting Budgets