FSMCurriculum Renewal Retreat

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FSMCurriculum Renewal Retreat by Mind Map: FSMCurriculum Renewal Retreat

1. Rationale

1.1. learner-centered educational program

1.2. stimulates inquiry and investigation

1.3. has an assessment system that accurately evaluates student achievement in each of the core competencies

1.4. is focused on learning experiences that fully integrate scientific principles in a clinical context

1.5. incorporates new knowledge in educational theory and technology into the education of our students

1.6. reinforces a culture of learning, teamwork, and excellence

1.7. is flexible and able to meet the unique needs of our students in a changing medical environment

1.8. is recognized as a model for excellence within the education community.

2. Day 1

2.1. Lunch / Registration

2.2. Welcome_Dean Jameson

2.3. Expected Outcomes_Dean Thomas

2.3.1. Of Retreat Framework/ Priorities Timeline Task Forces Oversight / governance stucture

2.3.2. Of Renewal Process

2.4. FSM Competencies_Dean Green

2.5. National Perspective_Dr. Wilkerson

2.6. Small Group Breakout Session

2.6.1. What will distinguish the FSM graduate?

2.6.2. How do we create personalized, differentiated learning?

2.6.3. How do we develop our students into leaders and agents of change?

2.7. Dinner Discussion

2.7.1. Dean Jameson New node

2.7.2. Dr. Wilkerson

2.7.3. Dean Glassroth

2.7.4. Dean Curry

2.8. Large Group Debriefing / Prioritizing

3. Day 2

3.1. Breakfast

3.2. How People Learn_Dr. Deb DaRosa

3.3. Small Group Breakout Session

3.3.1. What do we need to facilitate excellent educators?

3.3.2. How do we promote shared responsibility for UGME?

3.3.3. How should education factor into compensation of faculty?

3.4. Lunch

3.5. Chairs Response moderated by Dean Glassroth

3.6. Small Group Breakout Session

3.6.1. How do we create a culture of inquiry?

3.6.2. How do we leverage the University to create multidisciplinary educational opportunities?

3.6.3. How do we create an integrated curriculum?

3.7. Summary and Goal-Setting

3.8. Large Group Debriefing / Prioritizing

3.9. Large Group Debriefing / Prioritizing

4. Background Information

4.1. Existing Curriculum

4.2. SWOT Analysis

4.3. Macy Foundation Summary

4.4. AAMC-Graduation Questionnaire

4.5. Competency Standards

4.6. Education Initiatives Fall 09

5. Communication

5.1. FSM home page

5.2. Wiki

5.3. Twitter @FSM_curr #fsmcr

6. New node