Competency Questions

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Competency Questions by Mind Map: Competency Questions

1. Production

1.1. Tell me why I need the piece of paper that your resume is on.

1.1.1. It can be used for taking notes on

1.1.2. The information provided on the paper may be valuable to you.

1.1.3. Because your interested in pursuing me as a candidate for the position I applied for.

2. Member Services

2.1. What are the top 3 elements that every plan needs?

2.1.1. Specific Goal

2.1.2. Measurable Tasks

2.1.3. Attainable Milestones

2.1.4. Ambitious effort

2.1.5. Reasons to do it /Rewards you get

2.1.6. Finish Date

3. HR

3.1. You are asked to find a team to create, promote, and produce a business workshop. You are told that the department only has a budget for 3 employees for the event. Who do you need to hire?

3.1.1. PR & Marketing

3.1.2. Event Planner

3.1.3. Speaker

4. Gov Affairs

4.1. You need to perform an internal company audit. What are the steps you are going to take?

4.1.1. Request all documentation from audit period Review all documents All Good Anything is missing