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Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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My First Mind Map by Mind Map: My First Mind Map

1. Ideas for my novel ...

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5. hi thought he could get way with the item but he got caught in the end.

6. He started to feel bad and was very worried he would get caught and hoped not to be punished badly.

7. After he stole the item he felt guilty and owned up.

8. He tried to hidem the secret that he was the one who did thing and he had alot of stress and regrated doing it.

9. he stole the pen then said to himself he got it and one of the student heard it and saw the hidden pen and knew he stole it so he want to tell a teacher he then got punished badly.

10. the murderer left alot of cluse so it was very easy to catch him.

11. He promised never to do such a thing again.