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Copy of Online Marketing Blueprint by Mind Map: Copy of Online Marketing Blueprint

1. Problem

1.1. Problem 1 : Current Website, isn't getting online visibility and defeats the purpose of promoting through the internet to gain online exposure.

1.2. Problem 2 : There's no proper structure on how to attract and convert online visitors in terms of showing interest and the tendency to make enquiries; reason being that other online kids enrichment competitors have more or less similar strategies and programmes in their website, hence parents will have difficulty in making selections. We need something unique that competitors are currently lacking.

1.3. Problem 3: Lack of media contents (videos to portray current kids programmes , lack of online testimonials from current clients (parents and kids) to boost reputation and confidence of future prospects)

2. Ideas & Plan

2.1. Idea 1 : Populate more relevant and engaging contents for all the current kids programmes that are currently being offered. Stuff like 1) parents and kids' testimonials; 2) Videos outlining full description and benefits for each available programmes respectively to increase the potential of closing prospects; and 3) putting up online brochures in pdf format to enable visitors to download and review the programmes must be implemented into the website.

2.2. Idea 2 : Collect as many prospect emails as possible through the implementation of online newsletter subscription. These prospects have the potentials to become future clients, therefore in order to entice them to subcribe to the newsletter, i would suggest to entice them with online educational games and quizzes apps available for them to download once they've subscribe to our mailing list. What are these games and quizzes applications that i'm referring to? Please go over to "Action Point 3" on the top left section of this mind map.

2.3. Idea 3 : Instead of verbally describing all 5 programmes that Dgrowinghands currently offer to prospects, or through distribution of offline brochures from places to places, i suggest the best method to impart the concept to parents is through 1) A detailed video demonstration of the programmes which includes the outline and benefits of each different programmes to their kids, 2) Recorded testimonials of the parents and the kid(s) participating in the programmes and 3) Partial video snapshots of the programmes live in action, ie with teacher and kids laughing and enjoying the classes etc. Examples that i can show are our JABodyworks 3 main group programmes, ie Metabolic Core Fx ( ) , CRAFT ( ), and PowerBurn ( .

2.4. Idea 4 : Implement an online chat portal in the website to enable us to capture and enable visitors to immediately make enquiries. The chat function can be synchronized with ipads or mobile phones to enable the assigned operators to answer online enquiries no matter where they are.

2.5. Idea 5: We must make full utilization of the facebook fanpage as a social media interface, not solely for the purpose of closing prospects (since a lot of us know that facebook is not the best channel for converting sales) but more to increase online exposure,reputation and popularity. A powerful and cost effective facebook marketing should be implemented to tackle this purpose.

3. Action Points

3.1. Action Point 1: To restructure the current website in order to provide a more interactive outlook and also to implement an engaging interface that converts higher prospect conversions through newsletter subcriptions and even immediate sign ups.

3.2. Action Point 2 : To prepare a battle strategy for ranking the website in the top-10 search result (page 1 of google) for high competitive keywords. The formula that i'm going to implement is not solely to grab 1 spot among the top 10 competitors for the targeted keywords like any other SEO companies that offered their service in the market today. My formula has been successfully proven to conquer at least 2-3 spots in the top-10, meaning 2-3 pages from your website will be sitting in top-10 for the said keyword which resulting in 2-3 previously strong competitors kicked out of 1st page into page 2 of google. The name of this game is "Authority". [ Go to and type "resistance tubings in singapore" in the google search bar. You will find that has 2 different pages sitting at top 1 & 2 of the search results with an estimate of 31,600,000 competitors! ]

3.3. Action Point 3: This particular plan is in response to "Idea 2" from the Ideas & Plan section at the bottom right. In order to capture attention from parents and also kids, I propose to create educational games & quizzes for them to download or play online on monthly basis if they choose to subscribe to our mailing list (newsletter). Click on the two links as follows and complete the games:- & [ The 2 links are examples of games in the form of quiz but we can implement our own set of questions and answers related to the school's objectives]

3.4. Action Point 4: Press Release is a very common term in business; but i'm not talking about expensive newspaper advertisements and magazine ads that mostly will only display your ads for 1 day (newspaper) or 1 month for magazine publishing. What i'm referring here is online press release syndications to 400 global/major online newspapers, televisions and radio broadcasts! for only one third fraction of the cost you need to fork out to advertise a half page of advertistment in Straits Times or any magazines...and the after effect in terms of online exposure and visitors' outreach from this syndication is gigantic! Furthermore, the lifespan for 1 publication can be up to 2 weeks.

4. Prioritize Ideas

4.1. High Priority : Ranking Of website in the top 10 of search engine of high volumn traffic keywords to gain perpetual influx of monthly organic traffic. The main goal is aiming to become an online authority in kids enrichment niche.

4.2. Medium Priority 1 : Provide strong elements of attraction in the form of 1) video demonstration of each programme, 2) create a downloadable online interactive brochures instead of hardcopy brochures and 3) create kids' educational games and quizzes applications to entice the visitors to subscribe to newsletters or even better to promote immediate registration for the upcoming intakes.

4.3. Medium Priority 2 : Building and maintaining the email list of prospects that had already subscribed to our online newsletters and send them future email updates on important events and offers from time to time. The main purpose for this method is to prevent online visitors from exiting our website and never come back or worse they might visit other competitors' website and end up registering with them. "The money is in the list"

5. NOTICE :- To expand each segment, please click on the "+" sign at the bottom right corner of each 4 main boxes above. To illustrate what this means, i've already expand the segment "Problem" by clicking the "+" button. Also you can adjust the position of this map by hold-left click on any part of the screen and just drag this map to any position you want.