Australia (Agriculture)

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Australia (Agriculture) by Mind Map: Australia (Agriculture)

1. Horticulture

1.1. Examples Fruits , Nuts & Vegetables

1.1.1. The largest harvested crops weights more than 300 kilo tonnes !

1.1.2. Wheat is the largest crop production in Australia weighing at 20,552 kilo tonnes

2. Climate change has caused

2.1. Land and soil erosion, rough seas and higher storm frequency

2.2. Drought in many areas

2.3. Biosecurity

2.4. Water shortage

3. Livestocks

3.1. Pork industry

3.1.1. There are 2000 pig producer in Australia producing 5 million pigs annually .

3.1.2. The pork industry contributes $970m to Australia GDP and the supply chain contributes $2.6Billion to the GDP .

3.2. Beef Industry

3.2.1. Beef industy is the LARGEST agricultural enterprise in Australia .

3.2.2. It is the Second Largest beef exporter in the world !

3.3. Lamb meat industry

3.3.1. Live export of cattle and sheep from Australia to Asia and Middle East is a large part of Australian meat export

4. What Have i Learnt ?

5. Viticulture

5.1. The value of wine exports surpassed $2.3 billion in 2002-2003

5.2. Due to the over supply and over planting has led to a large drop in the value of wine , making wine producer uncertain

6. Poultry

6.1. Dairy

6.1.1. it is the 4th most valuable agricultural export .

6.2. FIsheries

6.2.1. Australia's Fisheries and aquaculture product was $2.3 billion on 2002-03 Rock lobster , prawns , tuna and abalone are Australia's main Seafood export earners

6.3. Wool

6.3.1. it is widely recognised as producing the finest quality Merino Wool . 90% of Australian wool was exported and it suffered from a lowering demand for natural fibers and decreases in wool price worldwide

6.4. Cotton

6.4.1. Majority of cotton produced is genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup OR to actively kill pests through the production of Bt toxin Cotton is generally grown by irrigation