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Team Information Library by Mind Map: Team Information Library

1. What's New

1.1. Top

1.1.1. Horizontal image and header "What's New"

1.2. Top Right Column

1.2.1. Navigation to Home page

1.3. Bottom Right Column

1.3.1. Bullet points by category with most recent job related changes Team Events Systems Tools and Job Aids

1.4. Left Column:: 2/3 of width

1.4.1. Q&A Blog by Category

2. Systems

2.1. Top

2.1.1. Horizontal image with header of "System Information"

2.2. Top Right Column

2.2.1. Navigation to Home page

2.3. Bottom Right Column

2.3.1. Links to available tutorials Internal systems specific to job functions General software (i.e. Excel, Outlook, etc...)

2.4. Left Column

2.4.1. List of systems used for job functions Help desk contact information Links to sign on pages Instructions for requesting access

3. Team Events

3.1. Top

3.1.1. Horizontal image with header of "Team Events"

3.2. Top Right Column

3.2.1. Navigation to Home page

3.3. Bottom Right Column

3.3.1. Healthy living tips/recipes/ideas Allow rating feedback by users

3.4. Top Left Column

3.4.1. Team building activities i.e. Bowling/Offsite events Team luncheons Calendar of events

3.5. Bottom Left Column

3.5.1. Volunteer/Charity opportunites Scheduling/sign up requirements Calendar of events

4. Home

4.1. Top

4.1.1. Blue and yellow horizontal image with header of "Team Information Library"

4.1.2. Sub heading describing purpose of site

4.2. Right Colunn

4.2.1. Navigation Bars About Team Events What's New Systems Tools and Job Aids

4.3. Left Column

4.3.1. Corporate values list and initiatives statement

4.4. Bottom

4.4.1. Privacy statement and any copyright information

5. About

5.1. Top

5.1.1. Blue and yellow horizontal image "We are the Star Team"

5.2. Top Right Column

5.2.1. Navigation to Home page

5.3. Bottom Right Column

5.3.1. Team member contact info

5.4. Top Left Column

5.4.1. Description of team functions

5.5. Bottom Left Column

5.5.1. Team goals and results Progress chart Color coded goal sheet

6. Tools and Job Aids

6.1. Top

6.1.1. Horizontal Image with header and description of page content/purpose

6.2. Top Right Column

6.2.1. Navigation to Home page

6.3. Bottom Right Column

6.3.1. FAQs

6.3.2. Learning opportunities

6.4. Center Column

6.4.1. List of job functions Bullet point links or attachments to tools and job aids for each job function

6.5. Left Column

6.5.1. List of official Policies & Procedures

6.5.2. Links/attachments to official Policies & Procedures