my projects

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my projects by Mind Map: my projects

1. podcast

1.1. cinquain poem

1.1.1. three patterns to a cinquain poem first pattern, line 1: one word, line 2: two words, line 3: three words, line 4: four words, line 5: one word. teaching the students pattern 3 second pattern, line 1: a noun, line 2: two adjectives, line 3: three-ing words, line 4: a phrase, line 5: another word for the noun. third pattern, line 1: two syllables, line 2: four syllables, line 3: six syllables, line 4: eight syllables, line 5: two syllables.

1.2. rhyming poem

1.2.1. words has to rhyme At the end of each line has to rhyme or the next line.

1.3. acrostic poem

1.3.1. words doesn't need to rhyme poem has to relate to your topic.

1.4. haiku poem

1.4.1. pattern for a haiku poem this poem has three lines, first line has three syllables. the second line has five syllables and the last line has three syllables. All these words has to connect with your topic poem.

2. my video

2.1. youtube

2.2. record lesson plans

2.3. how students will learn from ICT

3. final project

3.1. power point slide

3.1.1. ten to fifteen slides

3.2. talk for a minute on every slide

3.3. research on the internet

3.4. google images