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Disabilities by Mind Map: Disabilities

1. Sight

1.1. Problems

1.1.1. The user is not able to see what is on the monitor. they are also not able to see the keyboard and the mouse.

1.1.2. types of sight disabilities include; colour blindness partly sighted fully blind

1.2. solutions

1.2.1. Voice over.

1.2.2. a brail keyboard

1.2.3. a coloured film can be placed over screen

1.2.4. large keyboard

1.2.5. Coloured keys on keyboard

2. Hearing

2.1. Problems

2.1.1. The user is not able to properly hear videos, music and audio feedback.

2.1.2. deafness

2.2. solutions

2.2.1. Bluetooth hearing aid

2.2.2. headphones

3. Movement

3.1. Problems

3.1.1. user is not able to use the keyboard and is not also able to use the mouse

3.1.2. the user may have limited movement

3.1.3. the user may be paralysed

3.2. solutions

3.2.1. large keys on keyboard

3.2.2. foot mouse

3.2.3. voice control