Content Topics for successful ELL's

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Content Topics for successful ELL's by Mind Map: Content Topics for successful  ELL's

1. Social Studies

1.1. Understanding text from a book and how to read and guide through the information for best results.

1.1.1. Graphs

1.1.2. Pictures

1.1.3. DATA

1.2. Taking information and connecting it to present events

1.2.1. Connecting these patterns to mathematical equations and integrating into Math lesson for maximizing lessons.

1.3. Understanding patterns


2.1. Comprehension

2.1.1. Comprehension being the number one goal in reading is very obvious how to master it. To create a comfortable environment where students can read together, share thoughts and opinions, and go back and reflect about the stories meaning and purpose. Building this environment is the hard part. But once students have this our ELL students will gain so much more because sometimes when they read something it takes the help of another students way of explaining it to help them build that connection to fully understand what it was saying in the book.

2.1.2. For ELL students having this langauge barrier makes reading a new language difficult. Sometimes students give up before they even give learning it a chance. When they build up this wall it takes a lot to realize they need to break it down before they can fully understand learning a new language.

2.2. Language

2.3. Interpretation

2.3.1. Understanding how students read something and interpret it into their own way. We can all read the same exact sentence but somehow having different expeirences and knoweldge of the same word creates a differnt understanding for some things.

2.4. Connections

2.4.1. Being able to have a connection with reading. Intergrating an activity with to familiar texts so that students can work with each other building and comparing similar thoughts from their readings.

2.5. Like ability

2.5.1. Students must feel a connection with what they are reading to build other necessary qualities from the text.

3. Science

3.1. Science is a hands on subject. When students are give an assignment to read and reflect upon it does not do anything beneficial for a english student or any other student for that matter.

4. Math

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. Understand verbiage. making sure the words used in math text is connected to words student can compare to things they would say for math lessons

4.2. Items to be Delivered

4.2.1. Connecting math concepts to all other subjects. Integrating as much information to build background knowledge and giving student a crutch that stabilizes information in their brains*.

5. Specials

5.1. Activites

5.1.1. Building social skills

5.1.2. Gaining social Cues

5.1.3. Gaining a community, welcoming mistakes to gain a comfortable and stable learning environment among peers.

5.1.4. Duration

5.2. Regular body activities to promote brain function.

6. Writing

6.1. Demonstrating good techniques

6.1.1. Making sure the students know that mistakes are okay. Writing is just the task and they need to do it often to master all of the important skills to become a Great Writer.*

6.2. Having partners

6.2.1. Working with partners will save wasted time from the teacher. Asking questions about spelling and punctuation. Those will come in time with mastering writing the object is to just get thoughts and ideas down on paper.

6.2.2. Building knowledge with drawing after writing activity is completed.

6.3. Always reflecting back to previous writings in journals and organizing thoughts and ideas into a metacognitive way.

6.3.1. This will help students build and master brains way of storing information to better retrieve information when needed.