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DIYL Pitch by Mind Map: DIYL Pitch

1. Intro

1.1. We are GuildSmiths - a collaborative, geographically distributed team of experts with many combined decades of experience in collaborative learning and the social uses of Internet technology. DIYL is our offering for getting organizations up to speed with social media as a learning platform. DIYL is a guided process that will leave your people with the hands-on skills and confidence to use social media tools and practices that fit your culture and answer your needs. DIYL will make your organization smarter, more responsive and more adaptive in a fast-changing world.

1.1.1. Graphic of Guild/apprentice

1.2. DIYL is a holistic approach. We know that the most effective way to learn social media is to use it and the most effective way to adopt social media is to integrate it into all aspects of the organization.

1.2.1. Graphic of our professional logos, etc.

1.3. It's up to you to decide where you want to go with what you learn. Your greatest assets are your people and our role is to help enable their potential. We help you learn and reflect on your own terms through low risk activities. We offer our experience, perspective and ideas, filling expertise gaps that you will soon be able to fill on your own.

1.3.1. Graphic of smart employees

2. The Need: Learning Social Media

2.1. We assume you have unanswered questions about social media as it relates to your company. It can be a confusing field, full of new platforms that are constantly being upgraded, emulated and expanded on. You know that many of your employees use various social media in various ways - both in and beyond the workplace. You know that many of your customers, partners, marketing targets and competitors use social media.

2.1.1. Show iPhone and how many apps, Twitter and how many related products, how many options for conferencing, etc.

2.2. You can't catch up in the social media world by reading books, watching videos or following an eLearning program. It's not a multiple choice subject. The learning process is inherently hands-on, and in an organization, that means that the learning must be a group process. You learn by doing in the context of the work itself.

2.2.1. Graphic of people in learning circle

2.3. As an organization, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in choosing your social media strategy? How do you make what look like complex decisions more simple and effective? That's where our guidance comes in. We don't start with the technology. We start with the people and coaching them to see the simplicity in what appears complex.

2.3.1. Graphic showing simplicity amidst chaos

3. How we work - overview

3.1. You provide us with a group of your staff to work with.

3.2. Through them we get to know your company in terms of what it needs to learn. We embark on the learning journey.

3.2.1. Graphic of Jerry's loop

3.3. We pose what we call a Query for the group and its members to explore. That exploration produces Nuggets of experience and discovery.

3.3.1. Graphic of ripples

3.4. We pose a followup Query that provides deeper experience and discovery, with additional Nuggets

3.4.1. Graphic of overlapping ripples

3.5. A reflexion process follows where the group, with our coaching, applies the Query outcomes and nuggets to the status and needs of your company.

3.5.1. Graphic of loop

3.6. Out of Reflexion come actions - the building of navigational prototypes - routes to interaction, content and learning through the use of social media tools. With clear needs in mind, individuals and subgroups use the Web and selected tools to meet those needs.

3.6.1. Graphic of paths

3.7. Finally, we guide the group into an assessment process where individuals and teams create the means for understanding their levels of mastery in social media.

3.7.1. Graphic of martial arts students

4. Benefits - Primary

4.1. What benefits will you realize from DIYL? We will help your people improve the ways they think and work together. We will help you make more business out of relationships.

4.2. Over the course of our engagement you will begin to build your own social media learning system.

4.3. Your company will build new social capacity by learning new tools and practices.

4.4. The social networks of your employees will expand, with richer links to customers and peers.

5. Benefits - Secondary

5.1. Once you've got the foundations of your social learning system in place, you'll begin to realize secondary benefits, and we can continue to coach you through these stages.

5.2. Improve trust and credibility among stakeholders

5.3. Shift corporate culture, open publishing, collaboration, emergence, Enterprise 2.0

5.4. Boost employee morale through mastery of social media tools and more effective communications practices.

6. Benefits - Extended

6.1. After we're gone and your company has become fluent in the use of its social media learning and communications systems, you can expect to see even more important benefits.

6.2. You'll be creating new DIY learning modules to fit different needs.

6.3. Your internal costs for training and coordination will be reduced.

6.4. You'll discover and invent new business opportunities that weren't accessible before.

6.5. You'll rethink interdepartmental relationships for greater efficiency, faster response, increased creativity and innovation.

7. Reflection

7.1. Look back on Query process and Nuggets produced.

7.2. Which worked, which didn't?

7.3. What directions should you take from here?

7.4. What did you discover to be misconceptions? What changes to make?

8. Assessment

8.1. Evaluation (assessment) is social - assess one another. Based on experience - yellow, brown, black belt - certification within the org. Look at your portfolio, respond to quizzes.

8.2. Evaluation: what happened, were business metrics affected, is there a spirit of mutual improvement, does it make us more adaptable.

8.3. Assess collaboratively to see what worked well and what improvements would be most useful

9. Navigation

9.1. Alternate navigation mechanism fits the client = different ways of finding your useful path through this material. High level things I should get to understand for my purposes.

9.2. Find that path by determining that it would be a useful path to have. Create a sub-navigational page that makes sense.

9.3. One big page to all nuggets found and created.

9.4. Build navigational prototypes.

9.5. Discover and test navigation pathways through the nuggets for others to follow and build on later

10. Apply DIYL Practices

10.1. After completing the cycle with us, return to query-reflection process and take over the process, using tools and learning ahead of yourself.

11. Business Structure

11.1. Jerry

11.1.1. 2-4 business units assigned to tackle major challenges Interim work products include published blogs, wikis, tweet-streams, podcasts & (YouTube) videos

11.1.2. Project deliverables: findings reports and webinars, 'in place' procedures and technologies for ongoing evaluation and use of Enterprise 2.0 business tools

11.1.3. $28,500 per month additional per consultant: 1st day of travel, $5K +E; 2nd day+, $2K +E

12. Queries

12.1. Meant to stir and direct self-questioning.

12.2. Might involve perceptions of SM tools and how they are used

12.3. Might involve perceptions of logjams and deadends to communication in company

12.4. Might reveal lack of knowledge about customers and their use of SM

12.5. Second round Query builds off of first - goes deeper

12.6. Produce Nuggets of insight, new knowledge and experience using SM tools.