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Measurement by Mind Map: Measurement

1. Length

1.1. Why can't I eat Pi?

1.1.1. Going around the bend or straight through?

1.1.2. In a relationship Geogebra exercise

1.2. Going in Circles

1.2.1. What are my Catss?

1.2.2. Exacting my answers

1.2.3. What are other irrational numbers you can find?

1.3. Walking around the block

1.3.1. What are the plane shapes and how do I get around them? How could I use these formulas in real life

1.3.2. What happens if I join two shapes?

1.3.3. What are units of measurement?

2. Area

2.1. Why not kilometers?

2.1.1. Milli or maxi?

2.1.2. Practising conversions

2.2. The shape of formulas

2.2.1. To count or not count The easy way out Find areas of other polygons

2.2.2. Let's build a garden Joining shapes Use a computer app to draw you garden showing areas of various parts

2.3. How much pizza?

2.3.1. Small / Regular and Family

2.3.2. Sharing Pizza What is the relatiionship between angles and a sector

3. Volume

3.1. 2D to 3D drawing

3.1.1. Google sketchup to draw

3.1.2. Tolberone

3.2. Every drop counts

3.2.1. Filling a bucket to filling a pool

3.3. The layered look

3.3.1. Building the prism Google draw What is the connection between volume and weight? What is the difference between a kilo of feathers and a kilo of bricks?

3.4. How much coke?

3.4.1. Get squared

4. Time

4.1. What's the time Mr Wolf?

4.1.1. Civil to Army

4.1.2. Using calculator for time

4.2. Zoned out?

4.2.1. Map the world

4.2.2. Your there, I'm here - phone me

4.2.3. Create a time chart for phoning family / friends around the world Spreadsheet

5. Literacy terms

5.1. What words are new?

5.2. What words have a different meaning?