Mr Right Services (P) Ltd.

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Mr Right Services (P) Ltd. by Mind Map: Mr Right Services (P) Ltd.

1. Customer Care

1.1. Call

1.1.1. Regular Hours Missed/Disconnected Generate SMS to C3 Answered New Prospect Existing Customer

1.1.2. After Hours Forward Call to Dispatcher On Call Missed/Disconnected Answered

2. Operations

2.1. Dispatcher

2.1.1. Review New Cases Technician Availability Appointment with customer

2.1.2. Review InProgress Cases Update Ongoing Progress in Salesforce Update vWorkApp Jobs with Parts and Pricing Check with Technician for receipt Monitor GeoLocation Check with Technician for any problems on site Help On Phone Visit Site if required Check for jobs taking longer than 2 hours

2.1.3. Review Escalated Cases Technician Problem Check with Technician Parts Problem Check with Store Manager/Vendor/Technician Customers Problem Check with customer Unattended Cases Technician Availability

2.1.4. Job Complete Collect Requirement Slip (if any) after every job or whenever technician is back Collect payment after every job or whenever technician is back

2.2. Inventory Mgmt

2.2.1. Technician asked for parts Available Receive requirement slip and give parts to the technician Not Available

2.2.2. Update Inventory Balance Parts from job New Purchase

2.3. Technician

2.3.1. Morning attendance Daily standup meeting Receive Job (Phone/Mobile/printer) from Dispatcher

3. Accounts

3.1. Update Req slip with received vendor's bill no.

3.2. Bank Reconciliation

3.3. Vendor Payments

3.4. Inventory Reconciliation

3.5. Maintain petty cash/register

4. Admin

4.1. Vendor mgmt

4.2. Attendance

4.3. Housekeeping

4.4. Vendor management

5. Sales

5.1. Generate leads

5.2. BTL activities

6. Marketing

7. Quality Control

7.1. Create system for feedback