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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. 16. No Money

1.1. 1. Group of volunteers who want to to learn about coaching. use high-school students as learning subjects

1.2. 2. Organize a group of parents to act as life coaches

1.3. 3. Organize a group of industry leaders as lfe coaches

2. 17. What if...

2.1. 1. Students could actually do the real work?

2.2. 2. Students could actually assist doctors?

2.3. 3. Students become real nurses?

2.4. 4. Students learn real skill sets that could be applied right away at jobs?

3. 18. Worst

3.1. 1. Turn society up-side-down. More seniors are looking for jobs. Have them do work in restaurants, low paying jobs. Students do high paying jobs.

3.2. 2. Through Students to the wolves by telling them that they have to pay for your own place from now on.

3.2.1. 1. What if you add coaching to the process?

3.2.2. 2. What if you do this as part of a school project?

3.2.3. 3. What if you do this as part of a workshop?

4. 19. Ridiculous

4.1. 1. Don't even think to make students make carrier choices. It will eventually come.

5. 20. Other Frames

5.1. 1. This is the other frame, but what if university is the right place as students are more mature and already have some skill set built up?

6. 15. Unlimited Budget

6.1. 1. Hire more teachers

6.2. 2. Change School System by having teachers as facilitators

6.3. 3. Create a new mandatory course for students to learn about carrier choices.

6.4. 4. Create co-op programs in high-schools

6.5. 5. Reduce teacher-to-student ratio so that teachers can provide more coaching to students.

6.6. 6. Extend the school by year or two so that students use this time to learn about life choices

6.7. 7. Hire a team of life coaches

7. 13. 5 year old view

7.1. 1. Just DO IT. Do whatever comes first, no logic. If don't like it, do something else. Natural progression.

8. 14. Challenge

8.1. 1. What if assign a student a job to make hard cash

9. 12. Create a project for students about making their carrier choices

10. 11. Create a student coaching group

11. 10. Observe the environment for obvious problems, decide which ones you want to solve

12. 9. Start working on a problem

13. 8. Work as volunteer in different fields

14. 7. Look for jobs in different fields

14.1. 1. Get summer jobs in different areas

15. 6. Utilize non-for-profit organizations to teach students about carrier choices

15.1. 1. NFP to create workshops

15.2. 2. NFP to facilitate industry leaders

15.3. 3. NFP to create a pool of coaches

15.4. 4. Schools to create carrier days in high-schools

15.5. 5. NFP to teach students about industries

16. 5. Use Industry Participants to teach students about future carriers

16.1. 1. Create a pool of industry participants who will hire high-school students for part-time positions

16.2. 2. Make industry Participants attend the school to talk about the industry and different carrier choices.

16.3. 3. Make industry Participants attend the school to talk about business issues

17. 4. Go to High School Counseling to to take tests

17.1. 1. Attend Workshops on making Carrier Choices

17.2. 2. Pay for private coach who will coach into making the right carrier choices

18. 3. Do as many activities as possible to figure out what you like the most

18.1. 1. Get Jobs

18.2. 2. Do crafts

18.3. 3. Do Sports

18.4. 4. Volunteer in the community

18.5. 5. Travel to different places

18.6. 6. Read Book

19. 2. Make carrier choices based on learning abilities

19.1. 1. Investigate work environments in those fields only

20. 1. Learn from parents and do what they do

20.1. 1. Go to work with parents

20.2. 2. Get a job where parents work

20.3. 3. Ask parents lots of questions

20.4. 4. Parents to coach their children on making carrier choices

20.5. 5. Parents to be responsible for introducing kids to a variety of experiences