Pre production Planning

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Pre production Planning by Mind Map: Pre production Planning

1. I do not believe I will be using any props as I want all of the main focus to be on the artist. This is generic of soul music videos and so I am following this. I think that not using props will mean that nothing can distract the audience from the artists emotions and performance.

2. Costumes

2.1. My artist will be wearing plain outfits such a teeshirt and jeans or a dress because the soul genre does not focus on the artists clothes and does not sell the music by selling the artists look. The colours will be irrelevant as it will be in monochrome and the main focus is on the artist.

3. Casting/Actors

3.1. My chosen artist will be Ellie Hart as she does not look like a pop artist however she fits the soul artist look. She does not need to sell her looks therefore has her own look and having a unique voice is how she sells her music. I will only use one person in the music video as it is focusing on her feelings and emotions while singing as it is a reflective song which fits the genre of soul.

4. Location

4.1. I will be using various locations to provide a generic music video and fit the lyrics within my video. All of the scenes will be in monochrome so the greyness of the scenes will allow the mood of the music video to fit the lyrics.

4.1.1. The park/embankment The park / embankment will be a location in my music video because it will fit the representation of reality of my artist reflecting on her feelings as she walks. Therefore this location will create a sense of reality and will allow The focus to be on the artist.

4.1.2. Plain Background This allows all of the focus to be on the artists facial expression as the artist reflects on the past and the lyrics. This means that the audience will be looking at only the artist which is a generic convention.

4.1.3. Priory marina Priory marina will also be in my music video as again it is scenic thus letting the focus to be on the artist. But fits with the idea of my artist walking around.

5. Equipment

5.1. For the equipment; I will need to use pieces to make my music video look as professional as possible therefore I will be using different equipment.

5.1.1. I will be using a HD video camera to ensure that the quality is the best I can get. This also means it will not be grainy or a poor quality.

5.1.2. I will be using an Apple Mac to edit and complete my music video by using adobe premier on the computer to edit it and put bit together. This allows me to create a finalised product that meets the conventions of a music video within the soul genre.

5.1.3. I will also be using a tripod which allows me to create a steady shot when filming. Using this let's me have a clear focus on one thing e.g the artist and gives the filming a professional finish.

6. Props