Student job Vs. Study results

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Student job Vs. Study results by Mind Map: Student job Vs. Study results

1. Would you work if the school offered you a opportunity? or helped you find a job.

2. Do you work?

2.1. Type of job

3. How many hours do you work?

4. Can you decide your own working schedule?

5. Can your employer force you to come to work?

6. Time spend at studying

7. Extra classes/Help available

8. Salary

9. Fixed Costs

9.1. What do you think about the prices of fixed costs?

10. Is working necessary?

10.1. Would you work less, if possible?

11. Do you pay your own rent and other costs?

12. How do you combine school and work?

13. Does working influence your study?

14. Challenges/problems you face when working is combined with school

15. How many ECTS did you get last year?

16. International/exchange student

17. How much rent do you pay?

17.1. Was it hard for you to find a proper place/house

18. A job now means experience in the future

19. Networking throught work/jobs

20. Do you have different priorities next to school?

20.1. Someone to take care of e.g. a child