Filmp Opening Synopsis

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Filmp Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Filmp Opening Synopsis

1. Costume

1.1. Alien

1.1.1. Alien mask - the alien mask is for the alien character to wear. We need to use this in order for the audience to know who the alien character is, and that he is important.

1.1.2. Suit - the alien is going to be wearing a morph suit in order to show that he is not like one of the teenagers that are wearing casual clothing, he is an important character.

1.2. Adults

1.2.1. Casual clothing - the teenagers wear casual clothing as it shows none of them are more important, and that they are simple characters for the beginning of the film.

1.3. Children

1.3.1. Casual clothing - the children are much like the teenagers so they wear the same clothes, to show they aren't more important characters.

2. Plot

2.1. The film is a science fiction film, the teenagers are all conversing inside the house whilst the children play football outside. When they kick the ball near a fence, which they were told not to go near, they go to get one of the teenagers to retrieve the ball for them. When the teenager goes to get the ball the alien arrives and the opening finishes as the title is shown.

3. Location

3.1. Garden - the garden is going to be the location in which the children play football and where the alien is.

3.2. House - some shots are going to be set in the house as the teenagers all converse, whilst the children play football outside.

4. Diegesis

4.1. Diegetic sound - there is going to be diegetic sound such as dialogue used in the opening. We have written a script for the opening scene and this is going to be the majority of the diegetic sound used. There is also going to be things such as a scream, ball kick and an alien noise.

4.1.1. Ball Kick

4.1.2. Alien Noise

4.1.3. Dialogue

4.1.4. Scream

4.2. Non - diegetic - the non diegetic sound we are going to use is eerie music that will go with the genre we have chosen to do.

5. Editing

5.1. Fading in and out - we are going to fade the narrative into the titles at points, as the narrative fades into the title we are going to have the eerie music playing,

5.2. Different transitions may be used - we may possibly be using different transitions between shots.

6. Props

6.1. Ball - this ball is going to be used as part of the storyline, as one of the characters goes to retrieve this ball at a certain point.

6.2. Drinks - as it is set at a gathering of friends they are going to be having a drink together and conversing.

7. Ideas For Content

7.1. House party - there is going to be a party in which the opening scene takes place.

7.2. Alien - the opening scene is going to be about an alien, which is a common generic convention of the science fiction genre.