Where in the World? Cambodia

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Where in the World? Cambodia by Mind Map: Where in the World? Cambodia

1. How is it different to Australia?

1.1. It has Temples that are thousands and thousands of years old.

1.2. Cambodia is a part of the continent of Asia

1.3. Cambodian people speak Khmer language

1.4. Cambodia is not as developed as Australia

1.5. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere but Cambodia is in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. Why Cambodia?

2.1. Cambodia has some of the oldest and most beautiful temples in the world.

2.2. It also has delicious food and a strong sense of culture and history.

2.3. Cambodian people are kind and welcoming which always makes an overseas trip wonderful.

3. How will I get there?

3.1. I would have to fly on a plane

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3.2. It would take 9 hours and 12 minutes to get there on an aeroplane.

3.3. What would I take?

3.3.1. My Plane Ticket

3.3.2. My Luggage Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

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4. How is it similar to Australia?

4.1. Cambodia has tropical weather, just as the Northern Territory and Queensland do.

4.2. Cambodia and Australia both have capital cities.

4.3. Australia and Cambodia are both apart of Australasia.