Employability attributes

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Employability attributes by Mind Map: Employability attributes

1. good communication skills

1.1. Members of staff that have good communication skills are mostly good at working in groups because the worker can communicate with others and contribute.

1.2. its important that members if staff within an organisation have good communication skills so the employees can communicate to each other and you

2. Friendly

2.1. Being friendly can benefit you in a work place and when getting employed because if you are friendly and approachable you are going to be liked more than someone who is not very nice and does not really like being talked to.

3. Leadership Skills

3.1. Having leadership skills is good in group work and it will also help you progress and possibly get promoted to a manager if you have the correct leadership skills this would benefit the company greatly.

4. Hard working

4.1. It is important that members of staff are hard working because it allows you to get your work done on time and shows your managers that you organised are driven to complete your allocated task at a high standard,.

5. leadership skills

5.1. Its important that members of staff within an organisation have good leadership skills because those staff will be able to work well within a group and also advise other members of the team from right to wrong. good leadership skills helps those members of staff that need a little bit of help. Good leadership skills shows managers that you can guide the less experienced members of staff.

6. Independence

6.1. Being independent can be a good for you and your business because if you mainly are independent you can just get on with the work and get it finished without any distractions but independence could be a bad thing because you work by yourself and you only get one point of view.

7. computer skills

7.1. Computer skills are always a good attribute to have depending on your job but if you have a good knowledge on computers and how they work you should always be an asset to the company.

8. organisational skills

8.1. workers with Organisational skills are vital the the company's they work with because they are always organised and have a time table for getting work done and a good organisation of files so they don't lose any work

9. good hygiene

9.1. Its important that you have good hygiene within a work place because poor hygiene can lead to poor health. Member of staff that have poor health within the work place are to take more time off work. Those members of staff that take time off often are seemed as unreliable.

10. good teamworking skills

10.1. Good team working skills are important especially within an organisation because there are many occasions where members of staff are put in groups to solve problems. The reason why its important that one member of staff is able to work well in a group is because it helps solve problems quickly and creatively.