Film opening Synopsis

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Film opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film opening Synopsis

1. Locations

1.1. Abandoned Train station- As it is quiet and not many people go there. It is also a typical setting for a horror movie. Due to deaths that have occurred there.

1.2. My house

1.3. Attic- Dark room, presents an isolated atmosphere

1.4. Conservatory- cold glass room, dull presents a creepy atmosphere

1.5. Backgarden

2. Costumes

2.1. Antagonist

2.2. Black hoody and trousers

2.3. Big black shoes

2.4. Victim

2.5. Casual clothing

2.6. Cardigan, top and jeans

3. Props

3.1. White lighting

3.2. Stalker

3.3. Tripod

3.4. Phone

4. Digesis

4.1. Suspense music

4.2. Heavy breathing

4.3. Heat beating

4.4. Screams

4.5. Whispers

4.6. Door creaking

4.7. Non diegetic

4.8. Slow paced music

4.9. Fast paced music to create tension

4.10. A narrative voice over

5. Plot

5.1. The victim has just left work after a long day, she is talking to her friend about a person she knows that is being stalked, there is a killer loose in the area.

5.2. She thinks someone is following her, but then she thinks she's just getting paranoid due to the news

5.3. She looks back to have a look but she does not see anyone so she thinks nothing of it, she carries on walking home however when she is near home she sees a man staring as her strangely.

5.4. She starts panicking, but thinks nothing of it as she is near her house she assumes its just a regular man outside. She gets into her house and looks through the window to see if her friend is outside however she sees the man outside..

6. Cinematography

6.1. Reverse shot

6.2. POV shot

6.3. Close ups

6.4. medium shots

6.5. Long shots

6.6. Pan

6.7. Tilt

6.8. Match on action

6.9. Establishing shot

7. Mise En Scene

7.1. Lighting

7.2. Very dim lighting

7.3. Turn on and off

7.4. Props

7.4.1. A phone

7.5. Antagonist

7.6. Black costume to represent evil

7.7. Old, ripped dirty, bloody

7.8. Makeup- Pale face, with dark eyes

7.9. Victim

8. Characters

8.1. Main character:Charlotte Hindle

8.2. Antagonist: Name never mentioned

9. Production companies

9.1. R.R Productions

9.2. Preternatural pictures

10. Editing

10.1. Slow pace

10.2. When she looks back

10.3. Her point of view

10.4. Fast pace

10.5. When she rushes back home

10.6. When the antagonist appears

10.7. Camera lighting

10.8. Cuttings

10.9. Blackouts

10.10. Themes

11. Conventions

11.1. Tense music

11.2. Builds up to tension

11.3. Add more fright and jump

11.4. Slow pace

11.5. Builds up tension

11.6. Keeps the audience engaged

11.7. Setting: Abandoned woods

11.8. Location: Shows the audience where the film is set