Jeff Tufford

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Jeff Tufford by Mind Map: Jeff Tufford

1. Jessica

1.1. Processor

1.1.1. Gathers Documents

1.1.2. Gives Updates Calls Buyer Weekly / Ask for business Calls Buying agents weekly with updates / Ask for business Calls Selling agent weekly with updates / Ask for business

1.1.3. Meet with clients for signing

1.2. Takes File from Jeff

1.2.1. Welcome Call Request documents Set up a meeting Get Documents Ready / Jeff to okay

2. 30 Agents

3. Mini-Me (Assistant) Full blown licensed loan officer Saturday send invite to AMM Daily - call pre-approved borrowers and switch it up ---Text ---Email ---Phone call ---Private Facebook message ---Facebook ads directly to them ~Monday - chase and connect with 30 + Realtors a week ~Tuesday - loan updates on files in processing ~Wed - call past clients / closed files (Past Clients) ~Thursday - Follow up with Friday – make up day Required to bring in 4 loans a month / Minimum Run credit (Keep the crap from you) Set appointments Answer questions Go over numbers Meet with clients when possible but not necessary if they are long distance

4. Jeff

4.1. Toby

4.1.1. Take Applications Pull Credit Good Deal / Run Numbers No Deal send to credit repair Might meet with clients to sign

4.1.2. Send Invites to AMM on Saturday

4.1.3. Loan / Program Placement

4.2. Make sure numbers are good on all files

4.3. Call 30 agents a week either on Monday or Wednesday / ask for business

4.4. Meet with 5-10 agents a week

5. Live Help Desk

6. Pre-Approved Buyers

6.1. Daily

6.1.1. Text

6.1.2. Phone

6.1.3. Facebook Private Message

6.1.4. Email

6.1.5. Facebook ads to your past and current clients once a month for a week