Personal Learning Network: Brittah Springer

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Personal Learning Network: Brittah Springer by Mind Map: Personal Learning Network: Brittah Springer

1. Social Media

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. High school friends Foreign exchange students Friends who went to different colleges Didn't go to college Moved away

1.1.2. Friend's businesses Aspiring models Bakery shops Musicians

1.1.3. Potential employers Viacom Victoria's Secret Corporate Scripps International

1.1.4. Family Cousins who live in the Phillipeans Uncles who live across country Brothers

1.1.5. Organizations YEP Graduating Class of 2011 Transfer Students Bar Louie

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Potential Employers Big Machine Records Warner Brothers Sony Music Inc. Viacom Internships iHeart Media Creative Artists Agency Ryman Hospitality

1.2.2. Employment tips Viacom Careers YEP Nashville Music Row

1.2.3. Past employments Brothers Bar & Grill Wedding Shoppe Inc. Clear Channel Entertainment & Media

1.2.4. Role Models Past bosses Influential celebrities Friends Inspirational quotes

1.3. LinkedIn

1.3.1. Past employers Wedding Shoppe Inc. Allee Creative Brothers Bar & Grill Clear Channel Media and Entertainment

1.3.2. Current and Past Coworkers Bar Louie Bartenders Servers Regional Managers General and Assistant Managers Clear Channel Media & Entertainment Promotions Sales On-air personalities Digital Media

1.3.3. References High School Hometown College Past Professors Past and current employers Clear Channel Media & Entertainment Bar Louie University of Minnesota Brothers Bar and Grill

1.4. Pinterest

1.4.1. Businesses Vogue CMT Walt Disney Studios Grand Ole Opry St. Jude Children's Hospital

2. Technical Communications

2.1. Tech Writer Today



2.4. Business Professional Journal

2.5. TCBOK

2.6. Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC)

3. Education

3.1. University of South Dakota

3.1.1. D2L

3.1.2. Professors

3.1.3. Video Calls

3.1.4. Email

3.1.5. Friend Connections

3.2. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

3.2.1. Social Media Scientific and Technical Communicators LinkedIn Page Google + Page Facebook Events Twitter

3.2.2. Video Chatting Google Hangouts Youtube videos Flipgrid

3.2.3. Professors Tech Comm Major professors General Ed professors Marketing/Business professors

3.2.4. LinkedIn Connections

3.2.5. Online Databases Moodle Gold Pass Library Database LT Spaces (NING)


3.3. St. Cloud State University

3.3.1. D2L

3.3.2. Video Conferences Google Hangouts Skype

3.3.3. Online Databases

4. Work (Individual)

4.1. School Work

4.1.1. Moodle

4.1.2. School Google email

4.1.3. Google Drive

4.1.4. Screen Cast O' Matic

4.1.5. Microsoft Office Software

4.1.6. Adobe Creative Suites

4.2. Outside School Work

4.2.1. Hotmail

4.2.2. Different Gmail

4.2.3. Cellphone apps

4.2.4. Microsoft tools

4.2.5. Adobe Creative Suites

4.2.6. Personal social media accounts

5. Work (Collaborative)

5.1. Outlook Email Services

5.2. Outlook Calendar

5.3. Adobe Creative Suites

5.4. Snipping Tool

5.5. Microsoft Excel

5.6. Microsoft Presentation

5.7. Facebook

5.8. Twitter

5.9. Instagram

5.10. Google Hangout/Skype

5.11. Google Drive

5.12. Facebook Messanger

6. RSS Feeds

6.1. Twitter

6.2. Blogs

6.2.1. BBC

6.2.2. Fox News

6.2.3. Reuters

6.2.4. Buzzfeed

6.2.5. Youtube ViewTube

6.2.6. Android Headlines

6.2.7. Business Insider

6.2.8. Mashable