Teaching using information and communication technology

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Teaching using information and communication technology by Mind Map: Teaching using information and communication technology

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

1.1. Important aspect of the teaching learning process

1.2. Benefit

1.2.1. enhance critical thinking

1.2.2. information handling skills

1.2.3. the level of conceptualization

1.2.4. problem solving capacity

2. Result and Discussion

2.1. Respondents

2.1.1. 675 trainee teachers at Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM)

2.1.2. Final year students in teacher education program

2.2. Older student were more confident integrating ICT in teaching than younger student

2.3. Student in vocational majors were more confident than students in science major

3. Objective

3.1. To assess trainee teacher's confidence to integrate ICT in teaching based on

3.1.1. Gender

3.1.2. Program of studies

3.1.3. Academic performance

3.1.4. Teaching experience

4. ICT in Malaysia education

4.1. Three main policies

4.1.1. used as a enabler reduce the digital gap between the schools

4.1.2. used as a teaching and learning tool

4.1.3. used to increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness

5. Conclusion

5.1. Trainee teachers were quite confident

5.2. Male trainee teachers were more confident

5.3. Trainee teachers who had taught in schools felt more confident

5.4. Vocational trainee teacher felt more confident

5.5. No significant correlation between academic performance and levels of confident in the integration of ICT in teaching