This is a MindMap of my game idea.

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Game by Mind Map: Game

1. Genre

1.1. 2D Platformer

1.1.1. This game will be a 2D platformer, this is because he user will have to attempt to move out of the way of enemies, collect coins and gems and buy upgrades for their ship.

2. Characters

2.1. Space Ship

2.1.1. In the game the user will play as a spaceship that can be upgraded to get further into the game, and to change the ships appearance.

2.2. Enemies

2.2.1. There will be enemies within the game that the user will have to dodge to get past. There will also be upgrades that the user will be able to purchases using in game currency. There will also be drops that the user can pickup in which the user will be able to kill the enemies, then giving the user coins.

3. Game Machanics

3.1. Coins/ Gems

3.1.1. Coins will be the main form of currency within the game, allowing the user to purchase upgrades and change to look of the spaceship.

3.2. Controlls

3.2.1. to control the ship the user would have to tilt there device either to the left or to the right, with the further that they tilt it the tighter turn it makes.

3.3. Upgrades

3.3.1. Within the game there will be upgrades that the user can purchases using the in game currency (coins/gems) which will allow the user to progress further into the game. Some of these upgrades could induce larger fuel tanks, allowing the player to reach greater heights. There will be different grades of upgrades tires with better upgrades costing more.

3.4. Daily Log In

3.4.1. There will be a feature in which if the user opens the game within a set amount of days in a row then they revive a special reward, for example this could be if they open then game two-four days in a row they revive a coin gift increasing the longer they play it, 5-6 days could be a gem gift and for the seventh day the user could receive a mystery gift.

4. Audience

4.1. Children

4.1.1. I believe that it is a good idea to aim the game towards children as many of them play on their parents devices and become addicted to them, after playing the free version of the game the children could then insist on having the parents buy the paid on.

4.2. Teenagers

4.2.1. I believe that it could be aimed towards teenagers as many of them have mobile devices that would be able to run these games.

5. Terrain

5.1. Front Layer

5.1.1. At the beginning of each game the fist layer will include the spaceship that is located on a grass patch/ space station with little bits of scenery to the sides of the player, when the ship is launched there will then be little, if any terrain on this layer.

5.2. Rear Layer

5.2.1. Within this layer there will be a background that moves with the player at a slightly slower speed then the first layer, therefor giving the effect that it is far away. There could also be layers in between the front and rear layers that also act as a background but move at a slightly different speed to the others.

6. DLC

6.1. Free

6.1.1. In the free version the user will be able to play the whole game but some of the purchases will be locked until the full version is bought. There will also be adverts which will play at the start of the game and in between each session.

6.2. Paid

6.2.1. The paid version of the game will cost £0.69 on all mobile devices. This would remove adds and unlock all upgrades within the game.

6.3. In App Purchases

6.3.1. There will be the ability for the user to buy coins or gems for a set price, with there being offers for such as a % off for the more that you buy. These purchases will range from £0.69 - £4.99.

7. Platform

7.1. Mobile Devices

7.1.1. This game will be created for mobile devices because the game need the ability to tilt the device allowing the ship to turn, and the touch screen which allows the user to navigate the menu easier.

7.2. PC

7.2.1. This game could be brought to PC but instead of using the tilt feature to turn left and right it would use the arrow keys, and instead of using touchscreen to navigate the menus it would use the mouse. I do not believe that it will initially be made for the PC but could be made later.

8. Name

8.1. Blast Off

8.2. Rocket Ship

8.3. Rocket Launch

8.4. Rocket Simulater 2014