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PPC Account by Mind Map: PPC Account

1. Discussion Points

1.1. Reviewing Ourselves

1.1.1. How do we score each other

1.1.2. How do we provide anonymous feedback

1.1.3. What should be part of our QPA's

1.1.4. How do we depend on each other

1.2. Tell me the plan so I can plan for it

1.2.1. Organisational structure

1.3. The role of superiours

1.4. Making Decisions with 50% of the Information

1.5. Ultimate Responsibilty

1.6. Pain points

1.6.1. Multiple Touch Points Nothing good can come from more than 3 people in a room Lack of collaboration

1.6.2. Loading on to account

1.6.3. Content Execution

1.6.4. Scheduling

1.6.5. No Central Control

2. PPC Bootcamp Training

2.1. PPC Marketing Strategy

2.2. To- and Task Management

2.3. Project Plans

2.4. Brief Writing

2.5. Project Management

3. Objectives for 6 Months

3.1. Scheduling Efficiency

3.2. Briefing Excellence

3.3. Integration with Production and Ops

3.4. Build Knowledge Sharing System

3.5. Take over as lead agency

3.5.1. How do we the transactional cost of changing providers From Jupiter to Quirk

3.6. Create Campaigns that Will Win Awards

4. Team Structure

4.1. Zoi

4.1.1. Mentorship

4.1.2. Escalation

4.1.3. Report Line

4.2. Scott

4.2.1. Client Service Client Management Client Support Client Love Client Escalation Price Negotiations Client Institutional Knowledge

4.2.2. Client Account Management Selling Account Owner Business Unit Capital allocator The investment banker of the account. What's expensive versus what's not Competing demands. How do we spread it. With a big picture view of the agency and client Campaign KPI Goal Tracking

4.2.3. Agency Account Management Client Service Team Management Agency Side Brand Custodian Agency Buy In Quality Control Institutional knowledge Quoting Briefs Cost Estimates Sign Off WiP Status Goal Tracking The Red Team Creative Audits Evaluation “We want people to acquire knowledge through navigation.” Designs being spread out over multiple file folders. Can't view them at once or know what the agency has available “an experiential centre about efficiency and innovation, that studies the process and the way these are audited”. My philosophy is quite simple, if your knowledge is in order, you will be efficient.” The Concept Catalogue is a central repository that collects nad organises all relevant information of concepts generated during a project into 1 location Where are the good ideas coming from it We’re also anaylsing the technological aspects of what the foundation should be like — how to be more functional, more efficient “How many companies have a department that controls and audits what their creators are developing? How many can control and track their innovation and creativity Innovation Sourcebook Structures approach to assembling best practices

4.3. Carla and Lindsay

4.3.1. Client Serivce Client Requests Client Love Clear Client Comms Managing Expectations

4.3.2. Client Account Management Status Document Project Correspondence Client Side Account Management Campaign Management Client Online Profile Management AlwaysOn Management Website Management

4.3.3. Agency Account Management Financial Documents Billing Sheet Pre-Bill Age Analysis Invoicing PO's Project Management Project Plans Scheduling Process Production Briefs Resource Management Daily Delivery Management

4.4. Thabo

4.4.1. Client Service Message Received

4.4.2. Client Account Management

4.4.3. Agency Account Management Information Flow eMail Management Document Management Weekly Key Data eMail CS Time Recorded Production Time Spent Billing Sheet and Pre-Bill Figures Project ARIP's Scheduled Production Time Meetings Internal Status Pre During Post Dali Management According to Instructions from AM's Recons Booking Rooms Physical Filing

5. Problems to Overcome

5.1. Lack of Control

5.2. Scheduling

5.3. Client's lack of organisation

5.4. Inter-Agency Management