6E Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

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6E Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings by Mind Map: 6E Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

1. the beach is very awsome because you can have alot of fun.

2. i daydream about

2.1. what im going to be when I grow up

3. I am the kink of person that does that to

3.1. who said that?

3.2. what

4. xavion ilove the beach

4.1. i hate the beach

4.1.1. I love the beach to

4.2. that is becase the people on the beach xavi

4.3. i have been at a beach in florida

4.3.1. new jersy xavion

5. yeah i really can't picture it

6. how is a bottomless pit bottomless everything has a bottom if u think about it it's not possible

6.1. yeh i mean it isnt possible because there is the center of the earth so if something was that deep,

6.1.1. it would go to the center no

7. some lakes are bottomless.

7.1. Really?

7.2. only 1 lake in the world is bottomleszs

7.2.1. which one ???????

7.3. well ya but how?

7.4. some are bottomless

7.5. they are bottomless because there are pathways under the ground that go to the ocean.

8. courage

8.1. I think that people should have courage to stand up for what they believe in

8.1.1. people in this school should be more couragous

8.2. I think courage can help you do practicly anything

8.3. I think courage is a very important skill and can help you through everything you do!

8.4. having courage is so absolutly hard because uselly you are fighting against something

8.5. courage is VERY important

8.6. courage is very important because it is important

8.7. We always need to be courageous with others.

8.7.1. so true because we should stand up for what we believe

8.8. it takes courage to tell your friends that what they are doing is wrong

9. I don't understand the need to "rethink" an idea.

9.1. do you need to rethink an idea to make it become a better recorce

9.2. does anyone else have a hard time understanding this?

9.2.1. I have no idea what its asking. does it make sense to you?

9.3. you need to rethink ideas to make it better. sometimes you make mistakes and you need to go back and fix them

9.4. Is it even possible?

9.5. it is but i still dont get it!!

9.6. I think rethinking an idea means that if you already have an idea in your head, that you should rethink it to see if you could come up with a better one

10. How could anything be bottomless?

10.1. i don't get how somthing could be bottomless

10.2. t doesn't seem possible

10.2.1. Really

10.3. i don't know it's physicly imposible literally

10.4. kinda does

10.5. cuz thats how god made some things

10.6. being bottom less could be that someone/something has no writing skill but they try

10.7. what

10.8. Won't' anything you drop in there fall down forever?

10.8.1. yes it's never coming back up!

10.9. just think about a pit and picture it going down. u can't find the end!

10.10. it's really hard to picture!

10.11. yah it is

10.11.1. i daydream about unicornes and sometimes friends. I think unicorns would be fun to day dream about

10.12. u never know it could just keep going

10.13. I don't think anything is really bottomless. the earth is only se big. It would have to end sometime

11. How do I wonder fiercely?

11.1. How does it work ?

11.1.1. It depends what you talk about

11.2. Do you wonder???

11.2.1. yes

11.3. I think there should be no cyber bullying ever.

11.3.1. Yea why do people do that anyway??????

11.4. it's hard to explain how to wonder fiercly

11.4.1. true because it is a deep concept

12. I think there should be no BULLYINGin the school, we should stick up for people. Also, i think it's not right, also people wanting to do suicide.To me I want to make a change. Who's with me?

12.1. I am with you!

12.2. Why should there be? We all should get along.

12.3. amen!!

12.4. i stand tottally with you on this! Why hurt someone else

12.5. Who should we help? Exactly why would you hurt some-one?

12.6. Yea i am with u on this to great point!!!!!!

12.7. this is so true! why would anyone want to hurt someone else

12.8. ME!

12.9. It's sad watching the news and finding out a middle schooler or high schooler died because of suiciceding and bullying.

12.9.1. True its really sad because God has a plan and a purpose for everyone!

13. honesty

13.1. hones

13.2. honesty is VERY important to get u through life!

13.2.1. yay especially in jobs totally true!! I agree also because if you we not honest, u wouldn't get a job

13.3. honesty I think everyone should be honest to people

13.4. we need to be honest and never lie.

13.5. honesty is the best polocy

13.6. honesty is important because well you got all these people how trie to lie their way throught stuff but it gets you into more trouble

13.7. some people think honesty is the best policy

13.8. Honesty to me is TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED not everyone does that.

13.8.1. I wish everyone did that. then we would all get along better

13.9. honesty isn't always the best policy because if you said something mean it could be true

13.9.1. Yeah and you don't wanna hurt peoples feelings

14. trust

14.1. i trust and people fail at keeping the trust so its hard

14.2. we should be able to trust everyone not just certain people

14.3. trust is a hard thing to do. you cant trust many people because they will end up stabbing you in the back

14.4. trusting people is good for you its how you make friends

14.5. you should have several people that you can trust with secrets

15. questions of life

15.1. why did we get a lot of good stuff when the people in Haiti have nothing

15.2. Why are people so complicated and hard to understand, I mean girls are so confusing!