Control society

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Control society by Mind Map: Control society

1. Disadvantages

1.1. Dependance on leader

1.1.1. Can create corruption

1.1.2. Can create fear to stay in power

1.1.3. Oppression

1.1.4. Less independance Less culture Sadness Less people who want to follow leader

1.1.5. Giving too much power to an incompetent leader will have terrible consequences Economical collapse Widespread poverty Breaks morale Social collapse Chaos No control over anything Riots Revolution Bad decisions could cause other powers too take action War Complete collapse of society

1.2. Less interaction between cultures

1.2.1. Possible war

1.2.2. Less trade Failing economy

1.2.3. Less spread of knowledge

1.3. Possible military focus

1.3.1. Suppression of people

1.3.2. Possible dictatorship

1.4. All disadvantages lead to unhappiness of citizens

1.4.1. Lower productivity No workers Failing economy

1.4.2. Low morale Disloyalty Revolution

2. Advantages

2.1. Control over lawlessness and crime

2.1.1. Decrease crime rate Flourishing economy

2.2. Spread righteousness

2.2.1. Moral and ethical standards for society

2.3. Order

2.3.1. Unite people Peace Reduced conflict Create common cause

2.3.2. Equality Cooperation Coordination Peace

2.4. Security

2.4.1. Prevent conflict

2.4.2. Prevent chaose

2.5. Everything results in happiness of citizens but there I can't put in that many connectors

2.5.1. Happy citizens = productive citizens More jobs More money

2.5.2. Happy citizens = loyal citizens Higher ability to control society

2.5.3. Happy country = desirable country Immigration More citizens Transfer of knowledge