Elite Model Management

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Elite Model Management by Mind Map: Elite Model Management

1. Receptionist- She greets all visitors and routes callers to the correct department. She answers general questions about the agency and deals with all the messengers who are constantly dropping off and delivering packages.

2. Administration- includes the presidents, vice presidents, and department directors of the agency.

3. Promotions & Publicity- in charge of promoting the agency’s name and image in the advertising and business community. It ties the agency’s name in with charity events by providing models for the event for the sake of name exposure.

4. Commercial Department- this department coordinates the bookings for all the models in the agency who are hired to do television commercials

5. Runway Department- this department handles the scheduling and booking of models for runways or related work.

6. Advertising department- the advertising department is responsible for of booking models for advertising jobs. Models who are ending their careers tend to do a lot in this department.

7. Super Model Department - this department handles the models who are in the supermodel/celebrity status. Having multimillion dollar incomes, calendars, books, tv shows, etc.

8. Model Management Department - is to build a well-balanced career, with a range of editorial, fashion show, and ad client in a variety of markets.

9. The New Faces Department- is in charge of developing new recruits into full fledge models and booking all their jobs in the first couple of years in the models career.

10. Accounting- deals with all money, both incoming (from clients) and outgoing (to you, among others).

11. Booker- Also known as the model managers are the people at the agency who manage every aspect of the models career in the short and long term.