Minerals/Fossil fuels

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Minerals/Fossil fuels by Mind Map: Minerals/Fossil fuels

1. Timeline of Minerals and fossil fuels

2. Benefits

2.1. Strong bones and teeth

2.2. Helps support out skeleton

3. Long term outlook

3.1. The long term outlook for fossil fuels is the process to renewable energy which together controls over $3 trillion investments

3.2. The long term outlook on Minerals is they will soon be hard to find but there is an unlimited sorce

4. Timeline

5. Location

5.1. Fossil fuels are components created from pressurized, compacted, heated remains of plants. Oil, peat, and gas are common outputs of decayed, aged plant material.

5.2. Minerals are found around the world in the earth's crust. Their size depends on how or where they were created.

6. Challenges

6.1. There is a limited amount of fossil fuels and we rely on them very much and there is becoming less and less of what their is.

6.2. They are very hard to find and the difficulty is trying to find where they are and how to get them.