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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Creating

1.1. StoryKit

1.1.1. Students can create digital story books with this app.

1.2. YouTube

1.2.1. YouTube is an easy, popular way to post everything from music perfomances to readers' theater to book club discussions.

1.3. Animoto

1.3.1. Students can use photos to make videos, complete with music and text. They can choose photos, video clips, music, and video style. The students can easily share their creations.

1.4. Prezi

1.4.1. Students can create, collaborate, and present their knowledge.

1.5. Fotopedia Reporter

1.5.1. Students can create a magazine by choosing their photos, selecting a particular design or theme from pre-created options, and then publishing within the Reporter platform or to Facebook or Twitter.

1.6. FotoBabble

1.6.1. Fotobabble is photo and audio driven social media.

2. Evaluating

2.1. Pros & Cons

2.1.1. This app allows students to organize a list of pros and cons for critiquing.

2.2. Skype

2.2.1. Skype allows students to instant message, voice, or video call to share their ideas.

2.3. Edmodo

2.3.1. This app allows teachers and students to share ideas, files and assignments on a communal wall.

2.4. NASA App

2.4.1. The NASA App showcases a huge collection of the latest NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, NASA Television, mission information, news & feature stories, latest tweets, ISS sighting opportunities, satellite tracking, Third Rock Radio and much more.

2.5. Quick Graph

2.5.1. This interactive calculator app can evaluate equations at certain points.

2.6. Whiteboard:Collaborative Draw

2.6.1. This would be excellent as a formative collaborative assessment for students.

3. Analyzing

3.1. Algeo Graphing Calculator

3.1.1. This app is can serve as both a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.

3.2. Outliner

3.2.1. Students can use this app to make lists or outline for reports or projects.

3.3. GeoGebra

3.3.1. GeoGebra is a complex mathematical application for those that study or work with arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus.

3.4. Orbit Architect

3.4.1. This app allows students to interactively design and explore satellite orbital geometry. They can manipulate a satellite orbit using pinch and rotate multi-touch gestures, see the effects on the orbit and its ground track in real-time, and animate the results.

3.5. Simple Spreadsheet

3.5.1. Students can create spreadsheets and tables to organize and analyze data.

3.6. Timeline Eons

3.6.1. This app can be used to create timelines connecting important historical events.

4. Applying

4.1. QuickVoice.html

4.1.1. Quick Voice is the most popular voice recorder on iTunes. Students can record group meetings, ideas, or even lectures.

4.2. Animation Creator

4.2.1. Students can create animations for their projects or stories.

4.3. Picasso-Draw, Paint, Doodle

4.3.1. Illustration apps allow students to express themselves through drawing, to illustrate their stories, and to communicate. Their illustrations can be saved and then used in other projects like videos and books.

4.4. The Elements

4.4.1. Students can work with an interactive Periodic Table on The Elements.

4.5. iCardSort

4.5.1. iCards is a sorting app that students can use to sort and organize words and thoughts.

4.6. Quick Graph

4.6.1. Multi-touch, graphic calculator

5. Understanding

5.1. Twitter

5.1.1. “Instant access to all the media, news, events, and information you need, ” according to the site.

5.2. Skitch

5.2.1. Skitch lets students communicate ideas in an instant. Students can use Skitch to mark up a PDF, snap a screen, annotate a photo, or create something new with a blank canvas.

5.3. SketchBook

5.3.1. Students can sketch ideas or create illustrations for projects.

5.4. BrainPOP

5.4.1. BrainPOP Featured Movie is specially designed for movile devices. The choices for student learning are nearly endless.

5.5. Khan Academy

5.5.1. Khan Academy is a vast learning site that has demonstration videos on virtually any subject for any grade.

5.6. Beautifull Planet HD

5.6.1. Students can travel the world on this site that includes over 600 images spanning seven continents and 170 countries.

6. Remembering

6.1. Google

6.1.1. Google Search is the most advanced search available from Google. It includes voice control. The students simply touch the microphone symbol to begin asking whatever they are wondering.

6.2. Flashcards Helper

6.2.1. Students can create their own flashcards for studying or memorization.

6.3. TrackClass

6.3.1. The site allows students to track their classes and assignments, and even will send reminders (email or SMS) for upcoming assignment due dates and test dates. There is also a note taking utility so students can take notes on it if they have a computer in school, or transcribe notes later.

6.4. Diigio

6.4.1. Diigio is an all purpose digital library for bookmarks, archives, annotations, notes, images, and screenshots.

6.5. SimpleMind + (mind mapping)

6.5.1. SimpleMind is a site for students to turn their mobile devices into tools for brainstorming, collecting ideas and structuring their thoughts.

6.6. List Master

6.6.1. Students can create lists to organize vocabulary words, dates in history, homework assignments, etc.