The Customer Factory Blueprint

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The Customer Factory Blueprint by Mind Map: The Customer Factory Blueprint

1. Model Your Business as a System

1.1. Systems vs Goals

1.1.1. Repeatability is Key

1.1.2. Staged Rollout

1.1.3. Theory of Constraints

1.2. Deconstruct your idea

1.2.1. Vision (WHY) 1-Page Business Model vs Business Plan Lean Canvas

1.2.2. Strategy (HOW) The Customer Factory Systematic De-risking of Business Model 10x Rollout Staged Milestones Drives Strategy

1.2.3. Product (WHAT) Your Solution is NOT the product Your Solution is Part of Machinery to Create a Happy Customer Staged Strategy will Uncover the Right Product

1.3. Model Staged Milestones

1.3.1. Top-down Modeling

1.3.2. Bottoms-up Modeling

1.3.3. Analogs/Antilogs

2. Baseline Current Throughput

2.1. Identify Your Current Stage

2.1.1. Your Stage Drives Your Strategy

2.1.2. You Can Jump in at any Stage

2.2. Establish a Standard Measure of Progress

2.2.1. Innovation Accounting

2.2.2. Map Customer Factory to User Actions

2.3. Measure everything as a cohort

2.3.1. Concept of Batch Based Production

2.3.2. Time-based Cohorts

2.3.3. The Groundhog Day effect

2.4. Experiment Like a Scientist

2.4.1. Build Models Before Experiments

2.4.2. Good Experiment Design Experiments are Additive Declare Outcomes Upfront Falsifiability Time-boxing Dealing With Failure Pivots Root-cause Analysis

2.5. Establish a Regular Reporting Cadence

2.5.1. External Accountability Daily Standups Tasks Weekly Standups Experiments Monthly Standups Milestones

2.5.2. Lean Stack Lean Canvas Lean Dashboard Experiment Reports

3. Increase Throughput in Stages

3.1. Problem/Solution Fit

3.1.1. Goal Key Objective Validate Customer Pull Success Metric Achieve X Customer Production Rate by Y Time Frame

3.1.2. How Create a Compelling Offer Mafia Offer Smoke Test Offer Preorder Offer Free Cookie Offer

3.1.3. Tactics Understand Customer/Problem Problem interviews Observation Psychology Personas Current Reality Workflow Build Offer Define Solution Build Demo Set Pricing Deliver Offer Solution Interviews Landing Pages AIDA Psychology

3.2. Product/Market Fit

3.2.1. Goal Key Objective Validate Business Model at Small Scale Success Metric Achieve 10X Customer Production Rate by Y Time frame

3.2.2. How Deliver (and Capture) Customer Value Using MVP

3.2.3. Tactics Build MVP Instrument for Learning Metrics Activation Retention Customer Journey Mapping Onboarding/Activation Customer WOW experiences Lifecycle Messaging Scale Relationship Building Reward Positive Customer Actions Learn from Neagtive Customer Actions MVP Evolution Rinse and Repeat Process Feature Prioritization Customer Interviews Release Level Cohorts Feature Flags Split-testing Continuous Deployment Kill Features Pricing Evolution

3.3. Scale

3.3.1. Goal Key Objective Accelerate Business Model to Full Potential Success Metric Achieve 100X Customer Production Rate by Y'' Time frame

3.3.2. How Identify and Tune Engines of Growth Paid Sticky Viral

3.3.3. Tactics Metrics Acquisition Retention Referral Customer Segmentation Source Level Cohorts CHI Qualitative Polling Lifecycle Messaging Acquisition Channel Testing Upsells and Cross-sells Referal Campaigns Establish Key Partners