Research Project: Movies Nowadays

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Research Project: Movies Nowadays by Mind Map: Research Project: Movies Nowadays


2. Finnish or International?

3. Has 3D made difference to your sales?

4. Secondary data





6. Questions for the movie theatres

6.1. are you gay

6.2. How y'all doinng?

7. Questions for the video renting place workers/ movie theater workers

7.1. How has Netflix and other streaming apps affect your sales?

7.2. Is the business decreasing or increasing?

7.3. Hows business

7.4. Which one is more popular, 3D or 2D

7.5. Do people buy candys or other stuff from the theater

7.6. Which is the most popular genre?

7.7. How popular are the premiers?

7.8. Parental awareness?

7.9. Customer satisfaction?

8. 1. Who watches movies

8.1. What is your gender?

8.1.1. Male

8.1.2. Female

8.2. Age

8.2.1. Teenager <19

8.2.2. Young adult 19-25

8.2.3. Adult? >25

8.3. Occupation

8.3.1. Student

8.3.2. Unemployed

8.3.3. Employed

9. Questions and methods

9.1. Face-to-face Interview

9.2. Facebook survey

10. Facebook app we could use. I tried it and it seems pretty simple

11. 3. How do people watch movies?

11.1. By renting?

11.1.1. How often do you rent movies

11.2. By downloading?

11.2.1. How often do you download movies?

11.3. Netflix etc.?

11.3.1. How often do you watch movies via VOD?

11.4. In movie theatres?

11.4.1. How often do you go to cinemas?

11.4.2. 2D or 3D?

11.4.3. Do you buy tickets in advance?

11.4.4. How much would you spend on going to movie theater?

11.5. How often? -survey


11.5.2. how often do you visit theaters/renting places

11.6. Survey

12. The projects idea is survey the changes in the movie industry and related companies.

13. Instructions: for team members! Choose one of the three main questions, then figure out questions for that area. The questions should be relatively short, they can be from stages 1-5 or yes/no type, or any other you prefer. Figure out multiple questions so we can then figure out the very best of them.

13.1. 1-5 example: Do you like horror movies? 1 is hell no 5 is I love it

13.2. Yes/No example: Do you like to watch romantic movies Yes/No

14. Method

14.1. Facebook survey

14.2. Face-to-Face survey

14.3. Survey monkey (


15. Examples of questions:

16. Questions?

17. More Instructions:! We can use the Facebook survey program Vili found for results. (See How they watch movies section). When we have the questions, we can make the survey. The results will be shown on Facebook for the one who made the survey.

18. Research Plan Format



21. 2. What kind of movies people watch?

21.1. Genre

21.1.1. horror

21.1.2. Action

21.1.3. scifi

21.1.4. fantasy

21.1.5. romance

21.1.6. thriller

21.2. 3D/2D?

21.3. What was the best year for movies?

21.3.1. 1980

21.3.2. 1970

21.3.3. 1990

21.3.4. and so on

21.4. What is the thing you appreaciate most in the movies

21.4.1. acting

21.4.2. drecting

21.4.3. special effects

21.4.4. writing