Depression: the Dark Void

Depression from a Mind-Body relationship point of view, in all its complexity

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Depression: the Dark Void by Mind Map: Depression: the Dark Void

1. Narrow Vision

1.1. Illusory Reality

1.1.1. Pursuing the Illusion Not able to reach the hoped benefits Crash

1.1.2. Elation Fast thinking Self esteem Energetic charge Toward the Up Ritirement Feeling crashing

1.1.3. Conflict Ego Will Method Body Feelings Powerlessness not accepted

2. Living like a machine

2.1. Depressed vital energy

2.1.1. Feelings are shut down Plain voice Stiffening Hypertrophy Tensions to tighten Death Body Psyche Emotions Accusation

2.1.2. Weight that hold you down

2.2. Need to re-activate our feelings

2.2.1. Crying

2.2.2. Hitting

2.2.3. Rebellion Love scream Rolled towel

2.2.4. Mobilize the voice

2.2.5. Broadening the sense of living Increasing the pleasure Other Love objects become available

3. Feeling Well!!!

3.1. Spirit moves the person

3.1.1. Need to express ourselves Freedom of movement Being part of...

3.2. Broadening our feelings range

3.2.1. Broadening our Personality

4. Emotional Disease

4.1. Bodily depressed

4.1.1. Slumped

4.1.2. Weak

4.1.3. No tone in muscles

4.1.4. Pallor

4.1.5. Sagging skin

4.2. Mind perception

4.3. Unable to reply and cope with it

4.3.1. Personal failure

4.3.2. Retierement/Resignation

4.4. Inner void + lack of real pleasure

4.4.1. We don't allow ourselves to It's allowed/It's not allowed Self-limitation Self isolation Creation of illusions

5. Scream that asks for Love

5.1. Perception of loss of our Love object

5.1.1. Past Predisposing event

5.1.2. Present Trigger event

5.1.3. A trace of Hope is still present

5.1.4. Shame

5.1.5. Often there's not a real loss Mother-son relationship issue Conditional love

5.2. No instinctive coping to the loss

5.3. Living in the past

6. Direction of the person

6.1. Toward the external

6.1.1. Dependence Support dissolves Depression Faith to an external thing Worshipping an image Compensation with the action Oral stage

6.1.2. Blurred consciousness of ourselves

6.2. Toward the internal

6.2.1. Better perception and feeling of our Self Interior faith Act of Love In the Life In the Future Enthusiasm Tolerance to frustration Primal identification with ourselves Life is expression of ourselves He knows what he wants He's able to express it Focused actions

7. About Me

7.1. Doctor Ivan Ferrero

7.2. Psychologist, Psychotherapist

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