Lesson Planning

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Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Main cognitive objective Pr 2.3

1.1. Record a video of the local rink to add to a map.

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Knowledge of the rink

1.2.2. Have a video camera and know how to use it.

1.3. Describe where the rink is situated and the physical layout of the buildings

1.4. Administration

1.4.1. Manager

1.4.2. Hours of operation

1.4.3. Caregtaker

2. Google Maps

2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. Regular lesson

2.1.2. Grade Level Grade 8

2.1.3. Subject area Social Studies

2.1.4. Manitoba curriculum

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Main cognitive objective 1 Pr-2.3 Develop a cognitive skill Produce to show understanding

2.2.2. Main affective objective 2 E-2.3 Affective domain Values, Ethics, Responsibility

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials Video capture YouTube

2.3.2. People Skills YouTube Google maps embedding

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Lesson or Series Title

2.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson

2.4.3. Objectives

2.4.4. Reasoning

2.4.5. Content

2.4.6. Method of Instruction

2.4.7. Method of Evaluation

3. Presentation

3.1. Pecha Kucha

3.1.1. Prerequisites Twenty Slides Twenty seconds of narration per slide Brainshark Narrated presentaion

3.1.2. Objectives Main cognitive objective 1 Task Prerequisites Main affective objective 2 Task Prerequisites

3.1.3. Resources Materials Brainshark PowerPoint Presentation

3.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title Narrated presentation Goals of Each Lesson Develop ICT mastery Develop the ability to be concise and targeted. Objectives Targeting cognitive and affective general objectives and connect them to the ICT continuum. Goals Be concise and organized Demonstrate mastery of technology Reasoning Pecha Kucha is a fun way of teaching and learning that involves the use of web based resources and concise planning and execution. Content Related to Manitoba Curriculum Method of Instruction Web Based Friendly competition Method of Evaluation Participation

3.2. Grade 11 Physed

3.2.1. Specific Learning Outcomes

4. Video

4.1. YouTube at the Arena

4.1.1. Prerequisites Goals Develop the capacity to use webvideo for teaching and learning. Set context YouTube and embedded on blog Grade level Subject area

4.1.2. Objectives Main affective objective S 2.32 How is the arena important to the community? How can people support the arena? Why are there rules and regulations?

4.1.3. Resources Materials ability to create YouTube Video

4.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title At the Rink Goals of Each Lesson Demonstrate the technology Model the use of video for teaching and learning Objectives Reasoning The Flipped Classroom Content Method of Instruction Method of Evaluation

5. Podcast

5.1. Prerequisites

5.1.1. Online homework

5.1.2. English

5.1.3. Grade 10

5.2. Objectives

5.2.1. Main Cognitive objective 1G-3.2 Prerequisites

5.2.2. Main affective objective S 3.2 Poetry Appreciation Modern American poets

5.3. Resources

5.3.1. Materials Audacity LAME Encoder Adobe Flash MP3 Player Vocaroo Soundcloud Brainshark

5.3.2. Who will I record Cory

5.3.3. People Do I have permission

5.4. Notes

5.4.1. Lesson or Series Title

5.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson

5.4.3. Objectives

5.4.4. Reasoning

5.4.5. Content

5.4.6. Method of Instruction

5.4.7. Method of Evaluation

6. G R A D E 1 1 A C T I V E H E A L T H Y L I F E S T Y L E S C U R R I C U L U M M A T R I X

6.1. SLO's