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Absolutism by Mind Map: Absolutism

1. Louis XIV

1.1. Louis' Ambitions (Policies)

1.1.1. Finances always been weak spot for French tax money collected but not all went to treasury Revenue options: sell titles sell offices excellent minister of finance Jean-Baptiste Colbert secretary of war

1.1.2. Religion believed politic unity (absolutism) necessitated religious unity keep in mind: One King, One Faith, One Law Catholic Jansenists (need more info) Catholics but some Calvinist beliefs Jesuit begins to be influential to king Huguenots Edict of Nantes 1685 revoked

1.1.3. Wars (Strong Foreign Policy) goal: to make France most powerful waged 4 wars 1667-1713 used his professional standing army 100 year Habsburg rivalry between French & Habsburg 1st war: war of devolution 1667-68 (political) legally claims the Spanish Netherlands through wife, Spanish infanta Balance of Power starts 2nd war Dutch war 1672-1678 (economics) ensured w/ secret treaty w/ Charles 2 of Eng. causes: prevent Dutch from denying access to trade another balance of power consequences: ambitious for land, looks elsewhere 3rd war 9 Years war Marquis de Louvois had military reforms: larger standing army and flintlock rifles w/ bayonets used Chambers of Reunion to investigate claims to lands on French border war starts in 1688, moves into Palatinate 4th war Spanish Succession Carlos II leaves throne to XIV's grandson Treaty of Utrecht and Rastadt

2. Introduction

2.1. Ultimate Authority

2.1.1. Bishop Bousset defended divine right of kings

2.1.2. To strengthen monarchy: Propaganda to create political image of monarchy Paintings of him portray as emperor Domesticates the nobles Makes sure nobles benefit from absolutism Goal of domesticating nobles: Used them in demeaning activities Versailles used physical setting at Versailles to assert political power Purposes of Versailles:

2.2. Richelieu (influences)

2.2.1. Strengthened monarchy by eliminating nobles and Huguenots Louis subdued nobles by: refer to Ultimate Authority > to strengthen monarchy> Domesticate the nobles Louis revoked Edict of Nantes 1685 effect: bad for the economy because of their work ethic

2.2.2. Ramps up taxes Creates resistance to monarchy

2.3. Early Years

2.3.1. Fronde rebellions break out while he is young 1st rebellion led by Nobles of Robe Paris Parlement 2nd rebellion led by Nobles of Sword Why? Medieval nobles are unhappy positions were purchased Lessons learned: heavy-handed tactics used against nobility threatened monarchy