Construction Management

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Construction Management by Mind Map: Construction Management

1. Contributions

1.1. Build buildings that are reflective of society

1.1.1. Allows the future to see what we thought

1.2. Give back to the community

1.3. Give back to my family

2. Why be this major?

2.1. Love Outdoors

2.1.1. Fishing, hunting, biking

2.2. Love Building

2.2.1. Small projects and large

2.3. Love Outdoors

3. Goals

3.1. Short term

3.1.1. Go to work for a large firm and get experience

3.1.2. Learn the basics of the business

3.2. Long term

3.2.1. Start a large company of my own Develop a successful business

3.2.2. Provide for my community and family

3.2.3. Learn every day, never give up

4. What is Construction Management

4.1. Managing projects to ensure proper completion

4.2. Managing people

4.3. Building

5. Why OSU?

5.1. Good School

5.1.1. Specifically Construction Management

5.2. Good Athletics

5.2.1. No one ever said they wished they went to a school where their team was bad

5.3. Community

5.3.1. Friends everywhere, and lots of people to meet