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SEOSuite by Mind Map: SEOSuite

1. Product

1.1. Domainmanager

1.1.1. Domaindashboard PR adaptation to PR #781

1.1.2. Inboundlinkdashboard adaptation of dashboards for cross area vendors #922 Import traffic data

1.1.3. Vendordashboard PR adapt vendordashboard to PR #779 Hotel relations import Vendors

1.1.4. rebuild export #920

1.1.5. change labels for PR #668

1.2. Vendorprofile

1.2.1. SEO - Hotel relations contact tab Item registered contact multiple contact persons comments domain add multiple domains local links vendor history

1.2.2. SEO - Linkbuilding contact type one contact person domains local website type crawl values links vendor history event entries

1.2.3. Content - Hotel relations contact tab domain tab links tab vendor history

1.2.4. PR media/contact tab Publication contact persons vendor history / comments domains local clippings tab vendorhistory

1.2.5. Platform allow vendor owner per AREA #901 import clickins/ clickouts for links/clippings #344 linktarget crawling

1.3. Reporting

1.3.1. Linkreport delete this view from menu?

1.3.2. PR Reporting clippings online clippings Print media multimedia clippings (tv &media general metrics releases count of releases per month media amount of new contact persons

1.3.3. SEO reporting keyword reporting Landingpage report

1.4. User manager / user access

1.5. Research

1.5.1. Goal Manager

1.5.2. List Manager url list crawl

1.5.3. Domain Pool

1.6. Dashboard

2. decisions

2.1. new name for seosuite

2.2. increase overall stability

2.2.1. change AREA logic

3. Data

3.1. keywords

3.1.1. position Searchengines yahoo bing google expected url ranking url competitors

3.1.2. SEM visits clickouts CPC impressions

3.1.3. visibility

3.1.4. landingpage count of keywords traffic SEO other external sites calculate Backlinkportfolio root domains backlinks PR PA&DA social shares onsite content internal links content edit linked content language SE crawler hits last crawl indexed pagetypes Item city / region Homepage

4. Stakeholders

4.1. SEO

4.1.1. Vanessa Clauß

4.1.2. Andreas Vogler

4.2. PR

4.2.1. Sydney Burdick

4.2.2. Mike Staal (Support & testing)

4.3. Content - Hotel relations

4.3.1. Stephen Hoggs

4.3.2. Abel Fernandez (Support)

5. Requirements

6. New ideas

6.1. seo

6.1.1. alert system for invoices CTT-723

6.2. Platform

6.2.1. labelling system