Module 1 Your First Steps

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Module 1 Your First Steps by Mind Map: Module 1 Your First Steps

1. Niche Selection

1.1. What is a niche?

1.1.1. Example 1 Yoga Yoga for women Yoga for pregnant women Connect with Your Unborn Child through the Mind, Body and Breath power of Yoga

1.1.2. Example 2 Speaker Tiny personal speaker Tiny personal speaker that's waterproof for the shower

1.2. Why Niche?

1.2.1. Easier to sell

1.2.2. Easier to position

1.2.3. Easier to target for advertising

1.2.4. Direct problem /need /solution fit

1.2.5. Charge more High end vs cheap ebooks High perceived value

1.2.6. Example General Doctors Surgeon Brain Surgeon

1.3. The niche test

1.3.1. Is your prospect motivated strongly by emotion?

1.3.2. Is your prospect pro-actively seeing solutions right now?

1.3.3. Does your prospect have few or now percieved options for their specific problem

1.4. Unique Hook

1.4.1. You don't have to figure out

1.4.2. People will tell you

1.5. Niche Research Tools

1.5.1. Facebook Ads

1.5.2. Magazines (Google Images)

1.5.3. Amazon best sellers list

1.5.4. Top viewed/comments forums

2. What you'll discover in this training

2.1. Big idea

2.2. Niche Selection

2.3. Surveying your audience (Very Important)

2.4. Naming your product

2.5. Awesome domain names

2.6. Creating your community

2.7. Action Steps

3. Big Idea

3.1. Sell people what they want to buy

3.2. Find your unsuccessful idea quickly

3.3. Find your successful idea quickly

3.4. P& G

3.4.1. P&G Reality Check Team

3.4.2. Examples: Bold, Spic and Span, Crisco, Crest, Cover Girl, and Ivory Soap

3.4.3. Annual income 84.17 billion

3.5. Paid members before you finish your product

3.6. Just in time product creation

4. Naming Your Brand

4.1. Mistakes

4.1.1. Complicating

4.1.2. Overthinking

4.2. Domain name available

4.3. Rhyme

4.4. Benefits

4.5. Formula/System

4.6. Resources

4.6.1. Get this book "Words That Sell" by Richard Bayan

4.7. Tools



4.8. Make a list of 30

5. Your Domain Name

5.1. .com

5.2. Not .biz .org . co. net

5.3. short and sweet

5.4. Resources



6. Founding Members Strategy

6.1. Validation

6.1.1. People want this

6.2. What is a founding members

6.2.1. Person who get your program for FREE

6.3. Why founding members

6.3.1. Testers for your program

6.3.2. Questions generate ideas for content Blog Newsletters Videos Autoresponder sequence

6.3.3. No catch! People won't think your spamming

6.3.4. Avoid costly learning curve

6.3.5. Mak'em an offer they CANT refuse

6.3.6. Reduce refund for your program later

6.3.7. You can offer coaching if you like to happy audience that knows you

6.4. Assets

6.4.1. Get Testmonials Get *permission first

6.4.2. Fill in gaps

6.4.3. Social Proof Create a interactive/buzzing group for paid members later Avoid empty resturant syndrome

6.4.4. Best program possible

6.5. How

6.5.1. Create question in return for FREE Access to your program.

6.5.2. Goal to get 30-50 founding members

6.5.3. Create closed member Facebook Group

6.6. Where to find members

6.6.1. Facebook groups

6.6.2. Online discussion forums

6.6.3. Facebook ads

6.6.4. LinkedIn Groups

6.7. Results for client

6.7.1. Give clients better end result

7. VIP Facebook Community Group

7.1. What

7.2. Why

7.2.1. Community is important for success

7.2.2. People connect with you and other members

7.2.3. You can find gaps in your program

7.2.4. People sharing their success stories

7.2.5. Creating Raving Fans

7.2.6. Ability to serve more deeper

7.3. How

7.3.1. Be active and avilalbe

7.3.2. Offer help

7.3.3. Give value always

7.3.4. Ask questions

7.3.5. Closed private safe place to discuss senstive topics

8. Action Seps

8.1. Select a single target niche

8.2. Create a name

8.3. Create survey for founding members

8.3.1. See exact steps video

8.4. Generate you first 20 founding members completed surveys

8.5. Post in our Facebook Community for this course once you have you first 5 survey responses

8.6. Create your closed FB group