Business Law, Civil Service, & Taxation UB MSBA

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Business Law, Civil Service, & Taxation UB MSBA by Mind Map: Business Law, Civil Service, & Taxation UB MSBA

1. Course coverage

1.1. Partnerships

1.2. Negotiable Instruments

1.3. Contracts

1.3.1. Obligations & Contracts Concepts Definition Requisites Sources Rights & Obligations Obligation to give Determinate thing Indeterminate thing breach of contract Breach of Obligations Voluntary Involuntary Classification of obligations pure and conditional with a period alternative mancomunadas and solidarias divisible and indivisible with a penal clause

1.3.2. Sales Definition Elements Characteristics Kinds Distinctions from C to Sell from Dation en Pago Contract form

1.3.3. Credit Transactions Definition Kinds of Credit Transaction Obligations of Parties Effect of non fulfillment of credit obligation Foreclosure Rights of debtor Rights of Creditor Procedure

1.4. Civil Service law

1.5. Taxation

1.5.1. Tax Amnesty Act (Republic Act No. 11213)

1.6. Local business ordinances

1.7. Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines (RA No. 11232)

1.7.1. Corporation Law

1.8. Recent commercial laws

1.8.1. National Payment Systems Act (RA No. 11127)

1.8.2. Telecommuting Act (RA No. 11165)

1.8.3. Social Security Act of 2018 (RA No. 11199)

1.8.4. 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law (RA No. 11210)

1.8.5. New Central Bank Act (RA No. 11211)

1.8.6. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA No. 11285)

2. Learning Tasks

2.1. Presentation of assigned topics

2.1.1. Mind map

2.1.2. Slides presentation

2.1.3. Written report

2.2. Critical thinking exercises

2.2.1. Course synthesis

2.2.2. Course project

2.2.3. Essays

2.2.4. Book review

2.2.5. Examinations

2.2.6. Other assignments

2.3. Active class participation