Fingerprint Access For Electronic Medical Records By: Emily Fata May 5, 2014

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Fingerprint Access For Electronic Medical Records By: Emily Fata May 5, 2014 by Mind Map: Fingerprint Access For Electronic Medical Records  By: Emily Fata May 5, 2014

1. Current & Past Medications

2. Funding

2.1. Development and Construction Upgrade budget

3. Description (1)

3.1. A new and exciting technology used within our organization

3.2. Promotes assurance of past history thereby enhancing patient care.

3.3. Its purpose is to save time

3.3.1. Allows for immediate access to medical history Allergies Donor Information Diagnosis History

3.4. Its purpose is to most importantly aid in giving the best quality care resulting in better outcomes

3.5. Purpose is to provide a higher sense of security

4. Rationale (2)

4.1. Fingerprint can access one's medical history very quickly allowing medical personel to view history needed to begin treatment

4.1.1. Understanding full history to save time and provide best of care

4.2. Often times, trauma cases result in necessary surgeries or serious bodily injury

4.2.1. Incoherent, unresponsive, or alone We need to understand their history to make better decisions to save a life

4.3. Also used when transporting to various facilities to save time for new medical personnel


4.4.1. Fingerprint could aid this very process by saving time

5. Strategic Vector Strategy was Derived (4)

5.1. Organizational Vector

5.1.1. Level One Trauma Facility

5.1.2. Outpatient facilities

5.1.3. Deer Valley Sister Property

5.2. "All for vectors must converge"

6. IT Assets Needed for Implementation (5)

6.1. Internal IT Department

6.1.1. Supervisor IT JCL North Mountain IT Troubleshoot IT Client/Customer/Patient Care IT Maintenance & Installation

6.1.2. Supervisor JCL Deer Valley IT Troubleshoot IT Client/Customer/Patient Care IT Maintenance & Installation

6.1.3. Supervisor JCL Outpatient Care IT Troubleshoot & Tech Support IT Client/Customer/Patient Care IT Maintenance & Installation

6.2. Contracted Secure Vendor for fingerprint pads

6.3. Technical Support

6.4. Medical Staff Services

6.4.1. Oversee E.D and IT department within

6.5. Internal Data Analysts

7. Governance (3)

7.1. Defined budget

7.2. Marketing/Networking support

7.3. Leadership Support

7.4. Internal Legal Advice

7.5. Internal IT Department

7.5.1. Technical support

7.5.2. Data Analysts

7.6. Medical Staff Services

7.7. State and Government resources and information

7.7.1. Fire Department/Ambulatory Care/EMTs

7.7.2. Department of Public Safety

7.8. CEO & Medical Board Support

8. Change Management (6)

8.1. Stakeholders

8.1.1. Patients & Community We want their support and for them to understand the benefit for them and their families. We also want them to be educated and understand

8.1.2. CEO of John C Lincoln North Mountain Hospital Makes final decisions and oversees entire facility. He has a great network of professionals vital to assisting us in our success.

8.1.3. Medical Staff Services Oversees E.D. department and IT staff

8.1.4. Trauma Director Deals with billing budgets and what is being charged

8.1.5. Trauma Surgeons Frontline performers providing the care patient's need

8.1.6. Phoenix Fire Department EMTs Ambulatory Care

8.1.7. Internal IT Deparment Capable and dependable for acquiring new technology and implementing it within our current systems.

8.2. Know your network and work together

8.2.1. DISC & VAT

8.2.2. Networking provides tools that allow change to occur at a smoother and steady pace

8.3. Training

8.3.1. Implementation of training

8.4. Leadership & Support

8.5. Address concerns & support team to adapt

8.5.1. Privacy



11. Competetive Positioning/Competetive Advantage (11)

11.1. Fingerprint

11.1.1. Linked to EHR

11.1.2. Further Development and Adoption of EHR

11.1.3. Fast, Convenient, Safety

11.1.4. Our competitors have yet to "catch" up or create something like the link between MY Chart and fingerprint

11.2. Competing Industries

11.2.1. Apple

11.2.2. Banking

11.2.3. Sony

11.3. Comparison Breakdown

12. Complimentary Strategies(8)

12.1. Technology Fair

12.1.1. Open Forum

12.1.2. Runs all week to allow all departments to see, ask questions, provide concerns and to network

13. Value Loss Mitigation(9)

13.1. We must have an organized timeline

13.2. We must manage the value of the project as well as the value of IT involvement

13.3. Be extremely informative and clear about the change and how it will affect individuals

13.4. Privacy Issues

13.4.1. MY CHART

13.4.2. Patient Consent

13.5. Involve and Include continued support

13.5.1. Keep governance fully updated, involved and in the loop Technology Fair

13.6. Understanding of who impacts the success of the project and the ongoing timeline

13.6.1. DISC/VAT

13.6.2. Networking

14. Strategy Evolution(10)

14.1. Continuous Improvement Process

14.1.1. Evaluation and Measure MYCHART During the gradual process of adding fingerprints, the following will be measured to create continuous improvement

14.2. Value Measures


16. Politics (13)

16.1. Politics in the fingerprint project

16.1.1. Technology fair

16.1.2. MY CHART Survey feedback

16.1.3. Network with our affiliates

16.2. Leverage to gain acceptance

16.2.1. Inform

16.2.2. Collaborate

16.2.3. Educate

16.2.4. Show (technology fair prototype)

16.2.5. Offer support

16.2.6. Keep informed and updated every step of the way

16.2.7. DISC/VAT in networking interaction