Snatch Theft (Group 6)

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Snatch Theft (Group 6) by Mind Map: Snatch Theft (Group 6)

1. Counting A Thick Wad Of Fifty Dollar Notes In Public

2. Complication: Victim walking in void deck alone.A snatch theft waiting the time to strike.Snatch theft unvealed a knife and treatens the victims.Snatch theft fleed with the loot.

3. Resolution: She borrowed someones mobile phone to call the police. She came to the police station and told the police what had happened. After a few days, the culprit was caught and brought to the police station.

4. Complication: Victim walks into a quiet void deck alone. A snatch theft approaches. Snatch theft waiting for the right time to strike. Snatch theft quickly snatched the handbag and quickly ran away. Victim shouted for help but no witnesses was there.

5. Coda: Victim got all her jewellery/wealth back from the police. Victim would never go out and flaunt her jewellery/wealth ever again. Victim regretted.

6. Where: Desert Void Deck Who:Young Lady Carrying Expensive Hand Bag What: Young Lady On Her Way Home Alone In A Deserted Void Deck

7. Iman

7.1. Settings: Place:Quiet Void deck Character:Old man with fifty dollar notes What:Walking in the void deck

7.2. Foreshadowing complication: Victim counting money in public.

8. Ee Ko

8.1. Foreshadowing

8.1.1. Showing Off The Valuable Jewell In Public

8.1.2. Wear A Body Of Branded Shirts And Bought A Lot Of Gold And Silver Jewelry

8.2. Setting

8.2.1. Vehicle:Motocycle

9. Joan

9.1. Setting: Place: roadside character: old lady carrying an expensive bag What: walking on the roadside on the way home

9.2. Foreshadowing complication victim showing off her expensive bag.

10. Haris

10.1. Settings: Place: Quiet void deck. Character: old lady carrying an expensive handbag. What: walking in the void deck. Vehicle: BMX Bike.

10.2. Foreshadowing complication: Victim flaunting all her jewellery/wealth.