Copy of Plotting a story (A misunderstanding)

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Copy of Plotting a story (A misunderstanding) by Mind Map: Copy of Plotting a story (A misunderstanding)

1. 1. Introduction

1.1. A new school day begun

1.2. The shiny sun shone through the classroom making us feel refreshed.

1.3. I met with my bestfriend and walked to school with her.

2. 2. Series of events

2.1. Halfway she discovered that she lost her wallet.

2.2. Without even thinking and she accused me of stealing it.

2.3. No evidences.

3. 3. Climax

3.1. She accused me of stealing her wallet.

3.2. She wanted to call the police with no evidence of me stealing it.

3.3. She wants me to compensate her.

4. 4. Solution

4.1. She apologized sincerely.

4.2. A teacher ask us what happen and try helping us out.

4.3. One of the adults returned the wallet to her personally said she drop her wallet while taking out tissue paper.

5. 5. Moral

5.1. Do not accused anyone without evidence.

5.2. Please be responsible for your own valuables.