Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Podcast

1.1. Prerequisites

1.1.1. Review Early start French

1.1.2. Goals Grade one level

1.1.3. Set context Develop oral communication skills in the basic French language.

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. cognitive objective Task Each student is to practice their basic french skills that i have recorded and record themselves and embed it onto your blog. Prerequisites G-1.4 collects primary data using electronic devices

1.2.2. Affective objective Task Each student builds self confidence in learning about the uses of technology in today's ever changing society. Prerequisites M-1.1 demonstrates confidence and self-motivation while doing ICT tasks alone and with others

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Materials Internet Explorer,Audioboo, soundcloud, Audacity

1.3.2. People teachers, and students With permission

1.3.3. Facilities school and home

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Counting 1-30 in English and Basic French

1.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal is to develop an oral communication skills of numbers in English and then translated in to the French language.

1.4.3. Objectives Students will become open-minded to French languages and possibly further their french skills.

1.4.4. Reasoning The ability to think through and make sense of the English and French languages.

1.4.5. Content To express the vocabulary skills by counting to 1-30 in French.

1.4.6. Method of Instruction Record my lesson plans to help my students practice their early start french skills by creating audio digital recordings of themselves. To set up booths of different curriculum activities mainly for free play basis

1.4.7. Method of Evaluation Is based on each students oral communication skills such as listening, oral production, and oral interaction. is based on the assigned tasks that have been created and would have rewards of Accomplishing extra curricular tasks.

2. Video

2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. Review Math

2.1.2. Goals Grade 1 level

2.1.3. Set context Listen and count with nickles counting by 5's and dimes counting by 10's. Listen and count with nickels and dimes.

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Cognitive objective Task To create a video using Numbers and describing the differences in the lesson. Prerequisites Pr-1.2 composes text, records sound, sketches images, graphs data, and/or creates video

2.2.2. Affective objective Learning and teaching is focused at a home based situation for students who have difficulty adjusting to the school and classroom settings. Support from the school committee and local community. Prerequisites S-1.1 identifies uses of ICT at home, at school, at work, and in the community

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials 20 nickels,10 dimes; two containers, electronic devices with video recording. Internet.

2.3.2. People teacher,and students,

2.3.3. Facilities school, homeschooling.

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Lesson or Series Title counting by 5's and 10's using dimes and nickels.

2.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To listen and count by 5's and 10's using coins

2.4.3. Objectives Students will become

2.4.4. Reasoning To gain the ability to understand Numbers but also introducing the use of coins.

2.4.5. Content Express two Number objects using coins as a face value.

2.4.6. Method of Instruction To set up a plan and create a video using other objects with Numbers.

2.4.7. Method of Evaluation is based on participation, planning, and understanding your video lesson.

3. Presentation

3.1. Prerequisites

3.1.1. Review Social Studies Mandatory in all schools

3.1.2. Goals grade 2 level To acquire the skills, knowledge, and values in exploring and understanding of Canada's Aboriginal Community and one other community in Manitoba.

3.1.3. Set context The context Aboriginal community and one other community in Manitoba

3.2. Objectives

3.2.1. cognitive objective Task . To identify one Aboriginal community and one other community in Manitoba. Prerequisites C-1.1 displays and/or discusses electronic work

3.2.2. affective objective Task To always give credit to any source you have used in your presentation Prerequisites E-1.3 recognizes the need to acknowledge authorship of intellectual property.

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. Materials Powerpoint presentation Google Docs, Brainshark

3.3.2. People Teacher,and Students. community members

3.3.3. Facilities Long Plain Reservation buildings and areas,MB. Portage la Prairie,MB.

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Narrated presentation

3.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To develop a sense of belonging in their communities and Canadian society.

3.4.3. Objectives To explore their communities and other cultural and social groups

3.4.4. Reasoning To

3.4.5. Content

3.4.6. Method of Instruction Create a power point presentation.

3.4.7. Method of Evaluation Participation, the use of technology in education, public speaking such as loud,clear, and to the point

4. Google maps

4.1. Prerequisites

4.1.1. Review social studies

4.1.2. Goals Grade 4 level

4.1.3. Set context Mapping of Canada

4.2. Objectives

4.2.1. Cognitive objective 1 Task To collect a map of Canada and label provinces,territories, and capital cities of Canada. Prerequisites G-1.1 finds and collects information (text, images, data, audio, video) from given media sources

4.2.2. Affective objective 2 Task Students will develop a knowledge of skills in receiving, responding, valuing, organizing, and internalizing values of mappings. Prerequisites M-1.1 demonstrates confidence and self-motivation while doing ICT tasks alone and with others

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Materials Internet,Google maps,

4.3.2. People Teacher, teacher assistants, and students.

4.3.3. Facilities school.and home

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Geography of Canada

4.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal is to identfy provinces, territories,and capital cities of Canada.

4.4.3. Objectives The aim is to locate and label the Provinces, Territories,and drop the marked pins onto the Capital cities of Canada and embed it to your blog.

4.4.4. Reasoning To verify facts as to where specifically the provinces, territories, and capital cities go onto the map of Canada.

4.4.5. Content Map of Canada

4.4.6. Method of Instruction Help students learn the computer technology as well as labeling and locating the given tasks and embedding onto their blog.

4.4.7. Method of Evaluation When locating capital cities in each province mark your pins at the Precise location.