Copy of The Body Systems

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Copy of The Body Systems by Mind Map: Copy of The Body Systems

1. The Respiratory System

1.1. The Lungs are the main organ of the Respiratory System

1.2. The Lungs are the crossword between the Circulatory System and the Respiratory System

1.3. The Respiratory System includes your lungs, diaphragm and trachea

2. The Immune System

2.1. 1. The Immune system is like a wall to the germs

2.2. 2. if the germs get past the wall they will be halfway to infecting the rest of the body

2.3. 3. the Immune system is connect with the skeletal system

2.4. 4. the reason it is connected to the skeletal system is because the bone marrow creates white blood cells

2.5. 5. The white blood cells attack the germs

3. The Nervous System

3.1. the nervous system carries messages to your brain and back.y your brain are full of neurones telling it what to do like move your arm.To move your arm a neurone brings a message to your brain then your brain tells the arm to move.This can take less than a miler second.

4. The Digestive System

4.1. 1.Involuntary muscles get your food down through your throat.

4.2. 2.Parts of the Digestive System. Mouth, Teeth, Oesophagus, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Rectum, Anus.

4.3. 3.The Digestive System is very important because without it we would not be alive.

5. The Skeletal System

5.1. Your body has around 260 bones in your body.

5.2. Your body is made out of thousands of cells.

5.3. Your bones produce blood every second.

5.4. Biceps move the arm and the others rest.

5.5. There are three layers to get inside of your bones.

5.6. The body

6. The Circulatory System

6.1. The Respiratory system helps blood from the heart that has no oxygen and put oxygen back in it

6.2. It is connected to the Immune system because the immune system protects the blood and heart from diseases.

6.3. The skeletal system also helps the heart because it gives new blood cells that the marrow produces .

6.4. The Nervous system controls the heart beat and sends messages through the spinal cord to the heart.

6.5. The Circulatory system is linked to the digestive because the intestine gives protein to the blood from the heart.